Brian Tuohy

Brian Tuohy


I no longer write for Bleacher Report due to the fact that they do not pay for every writer's work (even though they profit from each post of this unpaid work force, especially after their multi-million dollar sale to Turner Sports). To read more current work of mine, either read my books Larceny Games: Sports Gambling, Game Fixing and the FBI and/or The Fix Is In: The Showbiz Manipulations of the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL and NASCAR or visit and my website

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  • Christine L posted 2000 days ago

    Christine L

    Hi Brian, I found you on bleacherreport after googling "fixing the 2012 NBA Finals". I'm sure you'd agree that the referees' calls in this Finals' series are so undeniably in favor of the Heat. I'm an OKC fan, and I will admit to losing just so long as things are FAIR. I'm not going to make excuses for OKC - they have crumbled at times - but the ref calling sure isn't helping. I'm excited to read your book and do more research on game fixing. With what I find, I'll probably discontinue my support of the NBA. What a shame.

  • Horace Li posted 2465 days ago

    Horace Li

    Hi Brian, I think all of your theories are most likely true and I'm glad that you're not afraid to point them out. I was wondering though, since you believe sports is mostly fixed (which I now believe myself), do you still think we should watch it and follow it? and do you still watch and follow it?


  • Fight Night posted 2481 days ago

    Fight Night

    Thank you for continuing to fight the good fight. Love all your work.

  • mike ruiz posted 2526 days ago

    mike ruiz

    Brian i totally get what you are trying to tell people about the fix is in ! i agree 100 % but people are so closed minded that i gave up telling people the fix is in. so i just set back and watch people lose there ass off ! its sad ,! and people that know make money. thanks and keep coming with these articles . hopefully people will wake up.

  • rodney stone posted 2733 days ago

    rodney stone

    Great stuff Brian. I'm anxiously awaiting your take on the NBA playoffs. How blatant can they get?

  • Tony Santorsa posted 2914 days ago

    Tony Santorsa

    hey, check out my list of the top QBs of the decade!

    tell me what you think, you might find some of it surprising.

  • Todd McGregor posted 2915 days ago

    Todd McGregor

    Brian - Just curious, since you seem to be the foremost expert in sports conspiracies...Do you believe there's a vendetta against the Baltimore Ravens? That is, referees making calls (or no-calls) that adversely affected close games the Ravens have played in over the past five or six years. I ask this, because many people in Baltimore believe this to be true. I'd be interested in your opinion.
    Thank you.

  • Steve Frith posted 2915 days ago

    Steve Frith

    Hey Brian-good debating-and I do agree that it's nice to butt heads in a civil manner. That thread got confusing and was hard to follow. I hope you see some of what I was saying. I can see where you're coming from-so I don't think there was a whole lot more to cover!

    Thanks for being polite. Seriously-it's the only reason why I kept replying to you!

  • Tony Santorsa posted 2917 days ago

    Tony Santorsa

    You were the first ever to write about the NFL being fixed...Wow you are the first moron on this website!

  • Terry Robinson posted 2918 days ago

    Terry Robinson

    Don't waste your pity on me, man. You are nothing but a troll who can find the "Publish" button.

    If I'm such a homer, how is it that I have among my fans people from San Diego, Indy, NYJ, NYG, Carolina, Miami, I could go on but you should get the point.

    My issue with you relates to your compulsion to visit another team's page to publish an inflammatory piece of crap that is old news. A lot has happened since the infamous camera scandal, and you seem unwilling to take any of that into consideration. Open up your mind.