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Olaf began writing sports articles on his own blog In The Clutch in 2007 but decided to move his work to the Bleacher Report to get his name out there. He may not always be right, he might always be wrong, but he is going to give you his opinion.

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  • Veronica Bermudez posted 3496 days ago

    Veronica  Bermudez

    so you still have this one i see. went to leave a comment on your facebook and it was gone. havent checked your myspace but im pretty sure thats deleted as well. wow! but i miss you too buddy. u should come back if boredom is killing you. i think liz might stick for summer session 2. so come visit dont be a stranger k
    much love

  • Matthew Burns posted 3552 days ago

    Matthew Burns

    Sorry if I offended your beloved USC. Check my response in the comment I left on the article. Hopefully you understand.

  • Bob Warja posted 3552 days ago

    Bob Warja

    Sorry you didn't like my article on the Rocket's affair. Normally you'er right, personal love life topics I usually stay away from. In this case, however, I think it speaks to his reputation & the type of man he is. After all, the steroids thing will likely never be proven, it will always be 'he said, he said', so whether you choose to believe him when he says he's innocent depends largely on the type of guy you think he is. Until now, he's been portrayed as a family man. So I thought it was newsworthy to present the other side.

  • Tony from NB posted 3552 days ago

    Tony  from NB

    Hi Josh,

    I wasn't going to write this note to you after finding out your a Bolts fan :).....but noticed your great appreciation for I thought otherwise.

    With regards to your comment on "NFL Draft 2008: Who Won and Who Lost"

    "The thing about your fifth point is that in 89 and 90 it was Aikman and Smith. Russell and McFadden are no Aikman and Smith. Russell looks like a money grubber and not ready for the NFL after last season. It is too early to decide on McFadden so I cannot say he will not be an Emmitt Smith type player, but you cannot necessarily say he will be either"

    Completely agree that until you "show" the rings, you waven't done a thing...and Russell/DMC haven't done a thing yet. However, the key point is drafting "elite", "skill" positions and surround yourself with the rest. Hey...isn't that the formula your Bolts are using (Rivers/LT)...however, no "ring" yet.

    Secondly, cheap shot on Russell....any top 10 draft pick in today's NFL can be considered "money grubbers". It was magnified because it's AL, and Jamarcus agent(s) where very inexperienced.

    Josh...good luck to your Bolts...It's a make or break year for Rivers/LT and of course Norv.