June Jackson

June Jackson


18 years of age
I reside in the Bay Area
Huge fan of the San Francisco 49ers & Golden State Warriors.
Dislike the Raiders. (Its a Bay Area rivalry between the two teams)
Although I am not a big fan of many other football teams, (especially the NFC West rivals) I have mad respect for the players on each of their teams.

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  • AJ Singh posted 1583 days ago

    AJ Singh

    Well atleast I thank you for your courteousness and I hope to have another competitive game at the Stick. Both teams will hopefully be completely healthy. As for the comments, I was looking at some old articles and spontaneously decided to respond.

  • LSU huh??

    all about FALCONZZ (KINGZZ)

  • AJ Singh posted 1584 days ago

    AJ Singh

    And you said the Seahawks sucked ont the road. LOL We barely started this season and we already have the better road record than you.

  • MR. Duece posted 1623 days ago

    MR. Duece

    Long time no talk june. Lol I know you're ready for this season to start.

  • Warriors FTW posted 1716 days ago

    Warriors FTW

    Bo, LSU. Go Dawgs.

  • MR. Duece posted 1816 days ago

    MR. Duece

    Heres to hoping for a good SB this sunday. 28-17 niners.

  • June Jackson posted 1835 days ago

    June Jackson

    I wish the two teams meet for the NFC Championships so that they can show that their last meeting was a fluke.

  • 12th Man posted 1852 days ago

    12th  Man

    So about my prediction, I'm sorry for being wrong. I must have been stupid for saying the hawks will win 35-10. Silly me, the hawks scored more points!