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  • James Ludlow posted 1840 days ago

    James Ludlow

    You are nothing but a hater. You should just give up on football and watch the Bulls, because the Bears won't be relevant anytime soon.

  • Randy W posted 1842 days ago

    Randy W

    Wow a bit butt hurt hey? Have to start taking jabs at where people are from? Stay Classy

  • Randy W posted 1843 days ago

    Randy W

    Hows Jays golf game? Texans moving on in the Playoffs!

  • DaBears Are Straight Trash posted 1856 days ago

    DaBears Are Straight Trash

    Whats up faggot? How about them Charmin bears? Won't make the playoffs this year, you plan on offing yourself when they don't? Please do

  • Brad S posted 1857 days ago

    Brad S

    bears cant even win their own division yet you constantly troll falcon boards and judging from the comments on here you are just a troll in general lol pathetic... i would be mad too if crybaby cutler was the QB of my team! sucks to suck!

  • Ian G. posted 1860 days ago

    Ian G.

    The Bears suck again for another week!

    They have given up on the season much like the cow in your avatar has given up on life!

    You should do the same...hang up the nasty comments for the season.

  • Mike D posted 1862 days ago

    Mike D

    Haha!!! EVERYONE HATES YOU!!!! As for the bears, it must be nice to take January off.

  • Steven Mendez posted 1864 days ago

    Steven Mendez

    The bears drop another one

  • mason strange posted 1868 days ago

    mason strange

    looks like you read more articles about the Texans than the Bears. Hop on the band wagon while you can!!

  • mason strange posted 1868 days ago

    mason strange

    Nice picture change