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Too old and too busy to play sports, but I can still watch and give my two cent worthy Monday morning quarterback blabber with the best of them. There is no team that I am completely loyal to, accept for my home team by which I mean my family and friends. Love NFL, NBA, and NCAA, so that's what I will probably talk most about. Seeing as how I am from Michigan I should be into hockey town, but it's never been my strong suit but GO WINGS anyways. I enjoy a good debate as long as the opposition is classy, sometimes it's best to agree to disagree and let the facts take over. All in all, I'm just like you, I like to enjoy a good game with company.

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  • Clay Cunningham posted 3061 days ago

    Clay Cunningham

    Top Five Fantasy Rankings per position; Tecmo Super Bowl addition. Enjoy:

  • Mike Kent posted 3122 days ago

    Mike  Kent

    Should the NFL expand to England? Please let me know what you think.