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  • Craig Amos posted 1942 days ago

    Craig Amos

    Thanks Victor!

  • Colan Lamont posted 1943 days ago

    Colan Lamont


  • Kevin King posted 1943 days ago

    Kevin King

    Hey Victor,

    I am hoping you can forward this to someone who can correct it. When you look at the South Carolina Team Stream, the following article comes up with a d added to the spelling of Gamecock. Instead it says Gamedcock.

    This is in the shortened version of the headline that someone makes to allow the article to fit. If it were what I do, no problem I would just edit it. But I can't get to this in order to change it. Hopefully you can or you know who to send it to.

    Of course, some readers have noticed and are commenting about it. Please let me know if i need to do something else. thanks much for anything you can do....


  • Kevin King posted 1945 days ago

    Kevin King

    Great edit, thanks Victor!

  • James Walker posted 1945 days ago

    James Walker

    Thanks for the edit victor

  • Nick Akerman posted 1945 days ago

    Nick Akerman

    Thanks for the edits Victor!

  • Kevin King posted 1952 days ago

    Kevin King

    Great edit, thanks Victor!

  • Bimersha Gautam posted 1953 days ago

    Bimersha Gautam

    Thanks for the edits and props Victor :)

  • Benjamin Klein posted 1953 days ago

    Benjamin Klein

    Thanks for the edit, Victor.

  • Tyler Duma posted 1955 days ago

    Tyler Duma

    Victor, thanks for the edits. I'm a hugeeeee Reds fan so I had to show Cueto some loe in this article. Finally heard someone give him credit for what he's done the las two seasons (Kevin Millar).

    Huge win today. Go Reds indeed.