Tom B. 2.1

Tom B. 2.1


I, am BACK and i'm STILL the best, in the world, at EVERYTHING I do.

You still may not like me but you HAVE to respect me ;-)

#1 Great White BOREmus hater.. One of the worst 'talents' of this or any other generation.. If you are a fan of his by any percentile you do not deserve to watch WWE programming..

Did you think you could simply stop the Tom B. Bleacher Report initiative?

That is all, welcome back..

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  • Michael Tarver Gang posted 1744 days ago

    Michael Tarver Gang

    3rd account huh? well you still suck

  • Billy Gunn posted 1946 days ago

    Billy  Gunn

    You know those guys that you just look at them, any you just wanna punch them in the face, well your one of them.

  • Yin Seng Chan posted 1960 days ago

    Yin Seng Chan

    I would be overseas for the weekend. Its your best chance for another trolling run before I get you on the next account.

  • Tom B. 2.1 posted 1964 days ago

    Tom B. 2.1

    Okay ;-)

  • Yin Seng Chan posted 1964 days ago

    Yin Seng Chan

    Yup see ya on the next one again rofl.

  • Tom B. 2.1 posted 1964 days ago

    Tom B. 2.1

    Back so soon ;-)