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  • Tyson Chandler posted 1968 days ago

    Tyson Chandler

    Big fan

  • Errol Elam posted 1975 days ago

    Errol Elam

    huge fan of yours chris!!! keep up the great posts!!!!!

  • exodus micah posted 1989 days ago

    exodus micah

    Wow Chris! You definitely made solid arguments for the Knicks. I really hope Melo and the PG;s and Amare can work. Similar to you i do believe that the Knicks defense will be more improved. I am still skeptical about their offense. I think if you surround Melo with a play-making point guard and a bunch of defenders the knicks will succeed. Melo has to be the number one and only option with role player around him. The point you made with Kidd stretching the floor with 3 pointers is very valid. The knicks look good. I just hope that JR and Melo can work together. Both guys can fill it up! I am anxious to see how everything will pan out.

    You believe the Knicks will be a number 2 seed in the east. Do you think (on paper off course because Brooklyn just put their team together) that the Knicks are better than the Nets? If Knicks do make it to be the 2nd seed in the east that means you see them being better than Boston. My prediction for the east was #1 Miami #2 Boston #3 Brooklyn #4 New York. Bulls to me become a non-factor with the loses they've had this off-season especially the injury to D.Rose. Orlando will also be diminished as a formidable contender in the east with all the distractions they have their. So we have two teams in the east that will slip which will make room for other teams to climb up.

    With that said, how do the Knicks jump from a number 7th seed from barely making the play offs last year to a second seed? I know you will ask me the same about the Nets who didn't even make the play offs, but I just feel that the Nets acquisitions of Joe Johnson and signing of B. Lopez with a new arena makes them good...not great.

  • exodus micah posted 1989 days ago

    exodus micah

    Hello Chris, seeing how Carmelo is playing for the USA team in the Olympics do you think Carmelo can translate that same type of electric play to the Knicks? Also, do you think Melo's lack of play-making ability such as assisting and making others around him better will be an impediment to the Knicks? Another you think Melo and Amare work well together because in my opinion I don't think they work well together? Last but not least where do you see the Knicks being seeded if they make the playoffs?