I'm a twenty-something who loves sports and sports writing (I wrote for newspapers in high school and college, considered journalism as a career option for a while). Really, any type of writing is great by me.

I love pretty much all sports, specifically football, basketball, and occasionally baseball. I love writing and reading about professional wrestling especially; as someone with an interest in media studies and cultural history, it's fascinating to me to trace American history through the lens of something like wrestling.

I don't have a favorite team in any sport, though. Apparently that's weird. I justify it by saying that I like competition and quality performances better than any one team, as well as the fact that I don't have any specific roots (grew up in the DC area, family is from New York City, went to college in the Midwest, relocated to the Baltimore area). Growing up, I always used to love the Baltimore Orioles though, and my recent move - as well as the allegiances of my soon-to-be in-laws - makes me a kinda-sorta Baltimore Ravens fan. If they find a QB that isn't an overrated mess like Flacco, maybe I'll fully commit.

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  • SteelersAndPinkFloydDiva posted 1340 days ago


    steelers hater i hate you so much

  • Jamie West posted 1769 days ago

    Jamie West

    Nice, your article headline was shown on Raw! Somebody in WWE looks at bleacher

  • Eagle729 posted 1769 days ago


    Congrats u made it on Raw.

  • alex hudson posted 1772 days ago

    alex hudson

    They showed a picture of the article briefly

  • alex hudson posted 1773 days ago

    alex hudson

    It was last night on raw. They showed the story of john cenas divorce.

  • alex hudson posted 1773 days ago

    alex hudson

    I just saw one of your articles on tv

  • Josh Matt posted 1892 days ago

    Josh Matt

    care for a fan add?

  • Johnny AceSucks posted 1984 days ago

    Johnny AceSucks

    Managers, Commentators, Wrestlers who could wrestle different styles, Gimmicks.

  • Johnny AceSucks posted 1984 days ago

    Johnny AceSucks

    Top influencial part III. Please can we see that?

  • Chinmay posted 1990 days ago


    My pleasure. I enjoyed your recent articles. Keep up the nice work.