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I enjoy writing about sports and I am probably either going into law or journalism after high school, and I though this might be some fun and some experience at the same time. I like a really odd medley of teams, that mostly came from me jumping on the bandwagon when they were good and I was like 6 or so years old and staying on it for my life so far. Anyway, I like the Denver Broncos, Detroit Pistons, and the New York Yankees. So I am pretty chill, and love a good debate about most anything, so come comment on my articles and on my comments. In advance, I really don't want to hurt anyone's personal feelings so even if I sound harsh it is strictly about the material not the person. K thx bye :D

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  • Andy R posted 3108 days ago

    Andy R

    The AFC side is done, but here's the breakdown of each NFC team and their quarterback situations, predictions, and more! ENJOY!

  • Eric Quackenbush posted 3109 days ago

    Eric Quackenbush

    Welcome to Bleacher Report, Prajit!

    I hope you enjoy your experience here, and I look forward to reading your future articles! I added my name to your fan list, so please feel free to post anything new on my bulletin board.