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I was born in auburn. Mom was going to school when i was around 9yrs old. We would sell programs to get tickets. Each box you sell, you get a ticket and 20 bucks. AHHH, the good ole days. I grew up in conyers,ga. Ugh. Was a standout at baseball and even earned a scholly to uga. Only because auburn didnt offer me. To make a long story short i transferred to augusta college and finished at uab. I'm single with no kids and loving life. Im a very objective auburn fan unless a bammer comes running at the mouth. Just kidding. I LOVE COLLEGE FOOTBALL!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Kool Bell posted 2903 days ago

    Kool Bell

    Pleaes come visit me at Go to the team pages and select Auburn. Check out my blog.

  • Jimmy Reno posted 3052 days ago

    Jimmy Reno

    Please check out my articles breaking down the SEC this season.

  • Kool Bell posted 3072 days ago

    Kool Bell

    Hey Chris,
    how about give me a shout. let me know what's happening with your article. I would like to see it out there.
    Has anyone from B?R given you any help?

  • Kool Bell posted 3080 days ago

    Kool Bell

    send it to me at and I will edid for you until we get you fixed.

  • Larry Burton posted 3110 days ago

    Larry Burton

    Chris, I joined a Bama Booster club called the Red Elephant Club, and it has access like most would never have... So you can go that route... Now I've made friends and got even closer to the players, coaches and administration. I'd advise you to try that route, then write a lot, write about things you care about, you'll get noticed at some point and get offers to write for others... Good luck, even if you are an Aubie...

  • chris may posted 3114 days ago

    chris may

    Well im finally glad to see that auburn has some coaches who know how to play the recruiting game. Saban is the master at holding onto silent commits to try and gain momentum anytime he pleases. It was no coincidence that after tha "tiger prowl" craig sanders commits bama and after the "big cat" demarcus milliner commits bama. Normally tubs would be hunting or something. Not this staff. Quickly the trooplupe combo had jeremy richardson commit to au following the milliner decision and just for good measure, trooplupe had jawara white commit to au two days later. So iask you this? Who does "knee high" tell to go public next? I'm betting jarrick williams but no worries au fans because the trooplupe show has just started. Au counters with ladarious owens. Welcome to the chess match called sec recruiting.