I'm an athlete and been around boys since I was a kid. I actually had some troll come out and accuse me of 'listening to my boyfriend' and regurgitating what 'he' said. Hehe. If I wanted a boyfriend, HE would be doing that.

Whether playing or spectating I love chatting about sports! Bleacher amuses me :))

*Other passions: fitness, music and animals. Being more athletic then you...the usual :P

*I'm a scorpio. Kitty defender. Professional giggler. Lifelong goofball. Huge Jim Gaffigan fan...some of his skits... 4 Kids, Whales, McDonalds etc

:-) Quotes currently making the rounds in ma head below :-)

'Housework can't kill you, but why take a chance'

'I'm not lazy: I'm in energy saving mode'

'Next time the bully asks for your lunch money, tell her you left it on her father's dresser'

"Alabama 'bake' sales"

'Go to Heaven for the climate, Hell for the company'

'Women who seek to be equal with men lack ambition'

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  • FEAR THA SPEAR posted 1413 days ago


    FSU 3 uf 3 no more of that who has most titles now! GO NOLES!

  • GO BUCS,NOLES,HEAT Thomas posted 1493 days ago


    gators suck..go noles!!cant wait to thrash them scrubs this season

  • Marc M posted 1503 days ago

    Marc M

    Hey young lady how ya been? I'm used to you settin people straight on these boards c'mon now we need your insight. Lol hope all is well. Just sayin hi :-)

  • C S posted 1506 days ago

    C S

    Why did you change your username?

  • Dan Riaz posted 1513 days ago

    Dan Riaz

    Are you still there? :(

  • Half Man Half Amazing posted 1514 days ago

    Half Man Half Amazing

    UGA ownzz yo gayturdzz!!!! WE DAT!!!! UGA UGA UGA UGA....

  • Samir posted 1568 days ago



  • Adrian Peterson posted 1588 days ago

    Adrian Peterson


    Hope you're not dead

    Have a good one

  • Mista Amazing posted 1607 days ago

    Mista Amazing

    I'M NOT DELUSIONAL!! I speak the truth!!

    How are y'all big boys when we own all the records?

  • Luka Megurine posted 1608 days ago

    Luka Megurine

    Hey Cowboys fan, how are u? Long time no speak. Are u ready for the off season as America's team finally take what's theirs this year? I think and hope they do.