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  • micheal malcolm posted 3047 days ago

    micheal malcolm

    Hey Ross

    Here is my latest, the REAL story on Gilbert Arenas along with some breaking news that you may not be aware of!


  • Tyler Pollard posted 3117 days ago

    Tyler Pollard

    hey check this out

  • Richard O'Neal posted 3117 days ago

    Richard O'Neal

    Just published two new articles that I would like to share with you. Please provide some great comments to spark up some debate on these two topics! I look forward to your response.

  • micheal malcolm posted 3118 days ago

    micheal malcolm

    this is hilarious... i would have felt that you lived in Toronto for sure...i actually do.. lol oh boy we should have our own show at the rate we are going...anyhow i can appreicate that you believe in the style...i do as well to a certain extent i just think that the Raptors need more than Reggie Evans to have the necessary toughness to succeed regularly...i mean Pops and Evans...and a bench? C'mon most contenders have depth the Raptors....dont...and of course.. respectfully ...there is no other way to banter...LOL

  • micheal malcolm posted 3118 days ago

    micheal malcolm


    I have enjoyed reading your articles even though we do not share the same views but i encourage you to keep it up...while i feel your love for the Raptors, and optimism for the team i feel that i have a more tempered view of things and it's reflected in my writing offense but i dont believe that this Raptors team can do much especially with that Turkoglu signing..(can you tell i really hate that signing?) but please continue to write so we can continue to banter as i do enjoy it