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  • riley samuel posted 1823 days ago

    riley samuel

    wtf are u talking about

  • Tron Rodriguez posted 1826 days ago

    Tron Rodriguez

    Yeah i knew it was likely a waste of time, but i just hope he reads it even if he doesn't acknowledge it. Probably won't do anything, but oh well. I agree, we need to just stop reading and commenting on his articles altogether. Keep telling B/R what a joke he is and maybe that will do something, but still probably not because this site has a lot of terrible writers. They give work to people who have journalism degrees as opposed to actual sports knowledge. There are many readers on this site who know more than the writers, but because those guys got some kind of degree they assume they are more qualified to write for their site, whether or not they actually have any idea what they're talking about. No quality control, no fact checking, nothing. It's kind of sad sometimes, but some of them are good.

  • Jon Reid posted 1851 days ago

    Jon Reid

    Thanks Leaf!

    Merry Christmas to you and yours as well.

  • Josh Matt posted 1874 days ago

    Josh Matt

    care for a fan add?

  • Jon Reid posted 1878 days ago

    Jon Reid

    Hey Leaf,
    Just a quick note. I'll pass the request along to the team leader, but I'm not quite good enough with the math to break it all down. Here's what I do know. Every team has a shot at the #1 pick. Every team starts with 3 balls. Now, before the lottery, a team has one ball removed for each #1 overall pick they've had in the past 3 years and every playoff appearance they've had in the past three years. Thus, some teams will have a greater opportunity than others (like teh Leafs). Other sites have broken down the odds, and with all the balls in the lottery, it's about 6% for the Leafs at #1. But remember, if another team with 3 balls gets the first overall pick, the rest of their balls come out of the lottery, increasing the Leafs chances at #2 but a more significant amount than if a team with 1 ball gets the first overall pick. So remember, if the Leafs get the #1 pick, we should be rooting for teams like Columbus to get it, so we have a better shot at picks 2 through 5. but it's more than feasible for us to drop all the way to, say, pick #10 or even 15. Anything lower would be beyond unlucky. Good thing for us, this draft is loaded with talent up front and if we do drop to the 10th spot, some other teams will need defensemen, leaving plenty of good pickings for us. Not to worry, but getting lucky with the first overall would be nice, considering everything that's gone wrong in Leafs nation...

  • john davidson posted 1975 days ago

    john davidson

    You are entitled to your opinion. So am I. You are pro,I am anti.

  • James Battle posted 1981 days ago

    James Battle

    Yeah 400 was quite impressive, closing in on 500 now!

  • James Battle posted 1989 days ago

    James Battle

    Yes I guess there's always a bright side. And I believe there is a "write" button somewhere either on your profile or along the top of the page, where it says your name. Sorry I can't be more specific, I'm just not sure what someone who's not currently a writer's profile and account looks like. Good Luck!

  • James Battle posted 1989 days ago

    James Battle

    Thanks for standing with me, you have no idea how much it means. I'd start with flagging all of his comments as offensive, and go from there. The more flags it gets, the better the chance of him getting thrown off. Thanks again.