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I'm Nick Shea, a 22 year old genius from West Haven, Connecticut. I kid about the genius part.

I'm an overly opinionated Yankees fan, but not that kind of Yankees fan, you know what I'm talking about. I love sports so much that I studied them in college and am building a background in sports marketing and finances. I stick more with the marketing side because I'm creative, which means I have no rational skills. This is not merely conjecture, I suck at math and everything that has to do with it, but I've taken a shine to economic principles. Just don't ask me to express them mathematically.

I want to freelance as a sportswriter because it allows me to get things off of my chest in a one-sided manner. Debates are fun, but then I have to shut up and listen now and then.

I hope to become a bigger writer on here. We'll see what happens.

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