Born and raised in the south (north carolina) but love my ND football, and my Niners!

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  • Lucas Cooke posted 1474 days ago

    Lucas Cooke

    Bama 42 ND 14...oh yes and the Bama nation isn't worried about Gus...only an auburn or, ahem, ND fan would think that...

  • Jerry Fresh posted 1599 days ago

    Jerry Fresh

    Haha, good to see ya. I tuned in to CFB live the other day, out of habit... and watched for about 15 minutes before I realized I was watching Wimbledon. Less than 2 months, Brother!

  • Jerry Fresh posted 1770 days ago

    Jerry Fresh

    Okay, that guy was a total dick, you're right. Haha you just got cornered by a gaggle of retards on that thread! Wow, Travis... okay, let me know when you're getting yourself into these sorts of situations, so we can back each other up. Don't let some Georgia dickhead ride the success of the SEC's coattails. Those buttheads haven't done anything since the year before I was born.

  • Jerry Fresh posted 1773 days ago

    Jerry Fresh

    Wow, yeah I'll check it out this afternoon. I really don't understand the Georgia fans. They're getting all melancholy about that loss, and now they're riding coattails, I guess? LOL wtf

  • Jerry Fresh posted 1774 days ago

    Jerry Fresh

    Oh my lord, thanks Travis. That was not what I was expecting. The build up to this has led me to make more ND friends than anything else. You guys have nothing short of a class act.

  • Emily O'Neill Elmer posted 1777 days ago

    Emily O'Neill Elmer

    Happy New Year to you too! Hope you had a good one. It's almost Monday :D (I don't think I've eve been so excited for a weekend to end in my life lol)

  • Emily O'Neill Elmer posted 1788 days ago

    Emily O'Neill Elmer

    Merry Christmas Travis!!

  • Jerry Fresh posted 1801 days ago

    Jerry Fresh

    Awesome post! Thank you sir, let me know when you need, I'll always be there to jump in, no matter who you root for. Respect.

  • Daniel Preston posted 1809 days ago

    Daniel Preston

    Thanks for the post man. I feel like intelligent conversation is a lost art among college football fans; maybe there are a lot of dumb ones now, or maybe the banter and arrogance is just more fun, who knows. Either way, I appreciate the shoutout and I'm glad you agree with me.

  • Emily O'Neill Elmer posted 1810 days ago

    Emily O'Neill Elmer

    Thank YOU for adding me back! your comments are great!