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How can one explain an uncanny sports IQ & on a bio?

In a quick summary, I am an ex high school athlete that has taken the art of talking fantasy football trash, projecting statistics & sports gambling to a whole new level. I watch more sports than anyone I've ever known, and I have a minor in Journalism. Perfect waste of time!!! I currently live in Chicago, where I am still active in athletic leauges around the city.

Oh yeah, I hate baseball. It has really let me down in alot of ways. I'd rather watch re-runs of 227 than the Cubs or White Sox.

In my spare time, I am a director for an AAU basketball program in the Northern suburbs of Chicago. After my 4th graders won a game 54-4, a parent was arrested for attacking me. True story...

Proabale topics of interest: Anything Gators football (born & lived in FL), Chicago (not your typical homer), Baseball scandals (is there anything left), NFL, NBA, all fantasy sports, World Cup, NCAA tournament, BCS drama.

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