Steve Irwin

Steve Irwin


New to the States, from over the border in Canada. Looking for informed sporting debate

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  • Dave Carlson posted 2621 days ago

    Dave Carlson

    Hey Steve, I didn't know you were a Canadian-American? Me too.

    Anyways, it's always good to have you around. I noticed that you always spell Mosley with the E and L reversed. Just wanted to drop you a quick line about that. I say this in the friendliest possible spirit - I figured you'd appreciate it because it'll help boost the credibility of your comments ever so slightly.

    Have a good one.

  • SIMON VERNON posted 2647 days ago


    You know what?


    you talk too much like a homosexual,

    Are you a GAY?

  • SIMON VERNON posted 2651 days ago


    The Australian Government will send Floyd a residency VISA,

    Floyd is exactly the type of person that White Aussies really wanted,--BACKWARDS

    STEVE IRWIN will be very happy to welcome him in melbourne,

    GOOD DAY MATE! Keep on supporting Racial Hatred brotha!

  • Brian O. Blake posted 3082 days ago

    Brian  O. Blake

    My tribute to Alexis Arguello...

    Brian O. Blake

  • Brian O. Blake posted 3089 days ago

    Brian  O. Blake

    Mayweather-Marquez rescheduled for September 19th.

    Brian Blake

  • rico suave posted 3089 days ago

    rico suave

    "Mayweather, Leonard never got fight of the year awards as they beat most of their opponents easily.
    FOTY awards are for brawlers like Pacquiao, Hatton, Barrera, Hamed, Morales, Coralles, Castillo."
    ---by steve irwin in "steve's rant...pacquiao is totally overrated"

    "You have completely changed my quote, and point, to try and make one of your own."
    --- steve irwin's reply to the 1st quote above in "steve's rant...pacquiao is totally overrated"

    actually steve mi amigo, i copied and pasted it :) word for word, letter for letter :) what part of "copy & paste" do you not understand? hahaha :)

    do you want solid proof that i quoted you to the "T"?

    here's the address of the quote: "steve's rant of the week: manny pacquiao is totally overrated. bleacher report" haha :) you can look it up if you want to hahaha :)

    aye caramba. you're not only ludicrous. why, you're also a big fat LIAR. L-I-A-R. bad dog! hahahaha :) liar :)

  • Mike Kent posted 3091 days ago

    Mike  Kent

    This article is about one sad thing about BR, PLZ let me know what you think.