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Shane Kittelson


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  • Craig Brown posted 3063 days ago

    Craig Brown

    Take a peek at my teams destined to disappoint in 2009. Thanks for reading.

  • Taylor Rummel posted 3082 days ago

    Taylor Rummel

    Here's an article about one Miami Dolphin who experienced a tougher road than most in his journey to the NFL:

    Hope you enjoy.

  • Mike Kent posted 3088 days ago

    Mike  Kent

    Want to play fantasy football with the BR league?

    If yes, please send me your email. there are limited spaces left, first come first serve.

  • Deb Lagarde posted 3093 days ago

    Deb Lagarde

    Shane I know you weren't a Harvard grad, but the thing is you could have fooled me because you write so well...that Rookie coaches thing you wrote had me in stitches, from Rex Ryan to Jim Caldwell.

  • Deb Lagarde posted 3093 days ago

    Deb Lagarde

    Shane, been to your Finstache site and it is wonderful. You just might be the funniest writer on BR and one of the best (even better than me! Harvard Journalism School? that beats me by a mile!) Love that bit about Rex Ryan (and isn't that Bruce Dickenson guy a hoot? Should I send Channing Crowder after him? And then he sends Rex Ryan after me, at which case my husband just might put the guy out of his misery! ;-) Of course I know why he uses Joe Namath as his avatar...he's really 6 years old, but doesn't want anyone to know it!)

    Keep it up! Us Fins fans have to keep on keeping on putting the Jets and Pats and Bills writers here in their fruitless frothing at the mouth.

  • Patrick Cwiklinski posted 3096 days ago

    Patrick Cwiklinski

    Yeah I know it's getting pretty tiresome, but here's my take on Brett Favre's legacy.

    Take a look when you get minute.