Amelia  Geiser

Amelia Geiser


I love baseball and the Phillies are my favorite sports team. My favorite sports memory is definatly the 2008 World Series win, but anytime they beat the Yankees makes me happy. Some of my favorite players are John Mayberry, Shane Victorino, Chase Utley, Cole Hamels, Mike Trout, and Johnethan Papelbon. I also love to watch football. My favorite team is the Eagles, but I absolutley can not stand Michael Vick. I usually only base my opinion of players apon what they do on the field, but I can't let the dog fights slide. Maybe it's because it's not like he got mixed up in a gang or started drugs, but did something horrible to a completely innocent creature who did nothing to him. I just don't like him as person, so it's hard to like him as a player.
I like hockey 80% because of the sport and 20% because of the fights.

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