Early Retirement

Early Retirement


I cant be part of this. I hate the grammar police.

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  • Jamie Ward posted 3119 days ago

    Jamie Ward

    Sorry to hear your leaving so soon.

    I wouldnt worry about them too much, your always going to get one or two, on the whole, B/R is a very enjoyable experience and will definatly help you if you want to write.

    Thanks for the POTD by the way, appreciated.

  • sayonara sammy posted 3121 days ago

    sayonara sammy

    Hey mate,
    had a look at your website and liked it. So what happened to your articles on here. Surely you didn't delete them because someone corrected some punctuation?

  • Kr.Abhimanyu VINAY RAJPUT posted 3126 days ago

    Kr.Abhimanyu  VINAY RAJPUT

    Hola mate,

    Welcome to B/r and most of all welcome Kopite !

    As Jamie and Mich have already welcomed you , I thought may be I should :).

    Any help needed, post a note on my BB mate and if you publish an article (which I believe is in the making) post a note of it's link, I would love to read what you have got to say.

    Till then,

    We March towards the Holy Grail ,


  • Michelle Alves posted 3126 days ago

    Michelle Alves

    Thanks for the fan add. Much appreciated ...

    Welcome to B/R , I'm sure you'll LOVE it here, as we all do.!


  • Jamie Ward posted 3128 days ago

    Jamie Ward

    Welcome to Bleacher Report and more importantly the Liverpool community here on B/R.

    Me and Barney Corkhill are the community leaders, but there are some great members who will gladly bend over backwards to help you out with anything you want to know.

    Feel free to drop a note on a bulliten board whenever you want,

    And a big thanks for taking time to read my articles,