Curtis Shaw

Curtis Shaw


As far as sports go, the only sport I currently follow is football, although I used to love baseball and basketball as well.

I lost interest in baseball when I realized that a team has to pay a half a dozen players $20 million to play six innings a week to compete. There are very few markets that can afford to do that consistently. I also grew tired of bottom-dwelling teams buying the World Series one season, only to return to the cellar after having a fire sale the next. It is probably 20 years too late to do the one thing that would redeem the sport in my eyes: institute a salary cap.

As for basketball, the sport I loved was a team sport. While I'll freely admit that Michael Jordan was the greatest player of all time, I also feel he irrevocably ruined the sport. After Jordan, the rules were changed to create more Jordans, and the sport has suffered.

I do not hold a grudge against LeBron James, since I never cared for him in the first place. After cursing Jordan knocking the Price/Nance/Daugherty-era Cavaliers repeatedly out of the playoffs, I could never manage the hypocrisy to root for Cleveland's Jordan clone. I do not begrudge him taking his talents to South Beach, but The Decision exemplifies the gaudiness and hubris that currently blights the NBA. If I were to hold a grudge against a former Cavalier, it would be Carlos Boozer for the way he weaselled his way out of his contract.

As for the Browns, my first season as a fan ended with Red Right 88. I used to think nothing could be worse than consistently being in contention but never quite succeeding. I now long for those days. I do not consider the current Browns to be the same team I grew up following; that team moved to Baltimore and became the Ravens, and, as far as I'm concerned, all of their history, culture and traditions went with them. Still, I continue to root for the 1999 expansion team, which took up the defunct name and uniform. I just wish they wouldn't constantly implode the team and rebuild. At this point, I don't care who is the head of personnel or head coach; I don't care how bad they are; I just want them to be given a full 5 years, because it is better than the alternative. Still, as much as watching the Browns pains me, the NFL continues to produce a superior product.

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  • Andy McNamara posted 1805 days ago

    Andy McNamara

    Thanks for becoming a fan Curtis! Happy 2013.

  • Amy Dittoe posted 1811 days ago

    Amy Dittoe

    Hey Curtis! Gave you a shoutout in my latest article. Love the encyclopedic knowledge you bring to the table. I've learned a lot from you!

  • Todd Edwards posted 1927 days ago

    Todd Edwards

    Thanks Curtis.

  • Barbara Bruno posted 1931 days ago

    Barbara Bruno

    Hi Curtis - Thanks for favoriting my article!