Chris Yow

Chris Yow


Chris Yow is an avid sports fan and current Sports Editor for the Moulton Advertiser in Lawrence County, Alabama.
The 25-year-old from Dora, Ala., began his writing career as a high school football correspondent, and honed his skills at Jacksonville State University, becoming an editor for the school's newspaper, The Chanticleer.
Following his tenure at JSU, Yow continued his career as a correspondent, covering Pisgah High School for two seasons.
Finally catching a break in the print industry, The Weekly Post hired him to cover news on Sand Mountain in Northeast Alabama. One month later, the newspaper shut its doors.
After two months away from the business, Yow was able to catch on with the Sand Mountain Reporter, a tri-weekly newspaper in Albertville, Ala. There he covered county news, along with food and religion beats.
A short few months later, he was able to find a home with the Daily Mountain Eagle, where he began his career as a correspondent. Covering news from his hometown was something special. Yow accumulated three stories published nationally by the Associated Press, and covered high school football for the newspaper.
The dream of becoming a sports reporter has never left Yow, and with his latest position, he has finally reached the pinnacle of his career.

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  • Josh Greller posted 2239 days ago

    Josh Greller

    Hey chris, for B/R purposes, "matchup" is how you write cases like, "the matchup between LSU and Alabama."

    "Match up" is for cases like, "they match up well on defense."

    Hope that clears everything up. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

  • The Reaper posted 2247 days ago

    The Reaper

    OK, so where is your stat for "Articles written that were total horse shit"?

  • John Vely posted 2277 days ago

    John Vely

    Hey man! Quite a ride you've been on. You need to get on this digital train!

    I wanted to work on a collaboration with you. Can I get your email so I can discuss it with you and see if you'd be down?

    That'd be legit. Thanks.

  • Cristina Pastor posted 2279 days ago

    Cristina Pastor

    Thank you, Chris.

  • Jeff Aldis posted 2972 days ago

    Jeff Aldis

    "Texas will have a tough time stopping Lee and company. Running back Roy Helu, Jr. has been great for the Huskers as well."

    On what do you base this gem?
    Who hasn't been able to stop Nebraska?
    They are only averaging 234 yds a game the last 4 games. 3 of their 4 opponents had losing records and bad defenses as well (Baylor, KSU and Kansas).
    To say Texas will have a "tough time" stopping Nebraska is just stupid and uninformed.

  • Dan Parzych posted 3099 days ago

    Dan Parzych

    Hey Chris,

    My bad about the arena football term...I wasn't sure and checked Google and found an article with it written like that so I changed it. I'm glad you changed it I know for next time!

    Keep up the great writing,


  • Jonathan Keenum posted 3130 days ago

    Jonathan Keenum

    Nice articles, I'll be keeping up with your stuff.
    GO VIPERS!!!

  • Kevin Scott posted 3168 days ago

    Kevin Scott

    Thanks Chris. I'll try.

    I don't mind haters, but geez, at least bring some facts to the discussion instead of gossip. This isn't a place to talk about All My Children...

    Look forward to reading your stuff.


  • Mike Kent posted 3168 days ago

    Mike  Kent

    Sorry for the last answer, I enjoy watching all New York teams