My name is Michael Gibbons but everyone calls me Gibbs.

Being born and raised in Chicago is sometimes great for a sports fan and sometimes it is hell. Growing up I had the joy of the Jordan Era with the Bulls, the 85 Bears and most recently the Blackhawks hoisting the cup in 2010. However with all those good times I had to suffer through the Wanny & Dick Jauron Eras, Jerry Krause trying to rebuild a championship team around Eddy Curry & Tyson Chandler, the sad sack the Hawks used to be when their home games weren't even on TV and let's not forget all that comes with being a Cubs fans.

Notice how I did not mention the Sox at all. When I was young if the Sox were on WGN it meant my grandmother turned off the TV.

I have been blogging for over 3 years on several different sites including Bleacher Report, Fanhuddle and operating 2 sites of my own on the FanvsFan network. I currently write on DaChicagoFan.com & MadisonstreetHockey.com as well as hosting my own internet radio show The MG Experience. You can also find me cohosting several shows on the Fantasy Sideline Show Network.

Some of the people I have interviewed over the years are NFL players Chris Kluwe, Cory Procter, Corey Wootton and Dez Clark as well as Chuck Swirsky, David Justice, Clint Oldenburg, Jesse Rogers and Robert Schnakenburg

You can find all my radio shows and writing at www.TheMGexperience.com and you can follow me on Twitter @dachicagofan. I have a weekly Bears radio show every Monday at 4PM and a Blackhawks show every Friday at 9:30 AM. I'm a featured columnist for the Chicago Bulls here on Bleacher Report and will soon be bringing a Bulls radio show to my site.

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  • Breana Pitts posted 1977 days ago

    Breana Pitts

    Hey Michael! Thanks for becoming a fan. I really appreciate it, especially considering your extensive work!

  • elijah reese posted 2018 days ago

    elijah reese

    great talking bulls with you. you are my new favorite. im a bulls fan too so i will be looking for you for sme good conversation in regards to out team.

  • Anthony Kang posted 2022 days ago

    Anthony Kang

    Hey Michael, great job on the front-pager!

  • Darrell Horwitz posted 2064 days ago

    Darrell  Horwitz

    Thanks Michael. I think it's an interesting topic. I'm going to wait until the Heat are done before I write it, Them winning or not changes the angle, but I will still write it either way. BTW, I will be very surprised if one of those guys isn't on the Heat next year.

    Thanks for listening. I wished you would have called. Have a great holiday.

  • tarcaros tcaros posted 2085 days ago

    tarcaros tcaros

    HEY Michael . you forgot that the Bulls still have to play the games. Guess what.. they are the first victims.

  • Darrell Horwitz posted 2088 days ago

    Darrell  Horwitz

    Hey Michael,

    Check out the latest article i wrote on the Bulls and their mindset moving forward. It's a totally different take and I would love your feedback on it. Thanks.


  • Michael Gibbons posted 2091 days ago

    Michael Gibbons

    Finally reached the 500k mark and posted my 300th article. Can I hit a million by the end of the year?

    Thanks again to everyone who reads and comments on my articles

  • Rome posted 2106 days ago


    AWESOME article on Charlotte taking back what used to ours. Keep up the good work & I really hope this is in the realm of possibilities!

  • Greg H posted 2125 days ago

    Greg H

    Thanks for reading my article I am going to be posting another one here soon and I plan on posting articles and updates every other day if not every day. To add to your opinion, I gave the safety positions such a high grade mostly due to having such youth within these two positions and so much talent. I could have given that position a B but an A, to me, seemed to be a better grade overall. Also, be sure to comment, more comments the better!

    Again, thanks for reading and I hope to see you continue reading my posts.

  • Andrew Wallock posted 2125 days ago

    Andrew Wallock

    You're a legit Chicago fan. Love reading your stuff. Keep it up.