Donald Marhefka

Donald Marhefka


I'm a U.S. citizen, retired, and living in Chengdu, China with a Chinese wife. I've always said that Chengdu is the world's biggest city that nobody ever heard of. Chengdu is located East of the Himalayas and has been called Paradise. The weather, while hot in Summer, is not too hot. Not as hot, for example, as Beijing while is much further North. Spring comes early in Chengdu. In Winter, it never snows. Ok, maybe sometimes it does snow but it never accululates. The Winters are really too cold for me even though the temperature only rarely falls below 32 degrees F (0 degrees C). The reason is probably because of moisture in the air.

I love tennis although sometimes I'm frustrated in Chengdu because it's not on television. For example, there was much coverage of the French Open but no coverage of Wimbledon. I watched CCTV5 every morning at 7 AM for tennis highlights of Wimbledon. I usually (not always) already knew the results from browsing the web. www.wimbledon,com is especially good at relaying point by point results.

In the past, I served as a marshal at the Cincinnati Masters 1000 Tennis Tournament. I served two years as a marshal. The highlight of these two years was undoubtedly having a short conversation with Ivan Lendl while escorting him from the Practice Courts to the Player's Lounge. I asked a very stupid question: "Do you think you'll win this tournament?" His answer was surprising. He said, "What's the difference?" This led to a very short conversation on his philosophical outlook about life.

After two years as a marshal, I switched to being an Usher because you could watch more tennis that way. I always had the same assignment which I believe was the North Grandstand at Center Court.

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  • Tom Powers posted 1781 days ago

    Tom Powers

    Hey Murf - drop me a line sometime -

  • Steve Wirth posted 1783 days ago

    Steve Wirth

    Hey Murf, drop me an email sometime.

  • Harsha Jammu posted 1971 days ago

    Harsha Jammu

    Hi Donald, thank you for your message.

    2-5 on Carpet means he won 2 titles on Carpet and was runner up 5 times.

    May be you have mistaken Carpet for indoors. Federer is 20-8 indoors.(20 W - 8 RUP)

    Carpet is long gone now and I doubt if there are any tournaments being played on carpet in recent years..

  • Jeremy Eckstein posted 2055 days ago

    Jeremy Eckstein

    Donald, thanks for the like on the Federer Slams part one. It's extra high praise coming from a fellow writer and I appreciate the mention. I have part two ready to post Friday morning.

  • Savita Hiremath posted 2063 days ago

    Savita Hiremath

    Hi Donald, here's my latest take on Roger...

  • Savita Hiremath posted 2152 days ago

    Savita Hiremath

    Thanks again for the Like, Donald. Hope it helps resurrect my article from the archives. :)

  • Savita Hiremath posted 2155 days ago

    Savita Hiremath

    Dear Donald, My latest.

  • Delores Smith-Johnson posted 2207 days ago

    Delores Smith-Johnson

    Thanks Donald for the article "like."

  • Savita Hiremath posted 2252 days ago

    Savita Hiremath

    (Officially,) Donald, Thank you for the article 'Like', your comment and yes, welcome to my Fan Club! Cheers, S

  • Pete Sanders posted 2449 days ago

    Pete Sanders

    Yes sir, there are vaild reasons to believe that Walker and G Penn are the self appointed , all knowing tennis expert, Tim Ruffin. Why sir, do you ask?