Jan Mandel

Jan Mandel


I love to write, share opinions and interact with others. I can play nice, or play rough...whatever is needed.

Born in San Joaquin county of California, (Dinuba). Raised mostly in Merced, Calif. Surrounded by & enjoyed Niner, Raider, Ram fans...but have been a "AVID" Packer fan, eat, sleep Packer football through the good & bad for 40+yrs. since a little guy...can't explain it...just the way it was. But I love...just good football. Favorite Packer players, Favre, Reggie White, LeRoy Bulter & alot of respect for the 60's players & a few in between.

I loved the San Francisco Giants & Willie Mays was my hero along with McCovey and the rest of the Giants...hated the Dodgers...but loved Vin Scully the annoucer...pure class.

I feel fortunate and interesting to have seen the changes in Sports, Coaching, Player Development, The Players & how the business of Sports & "MONEY" & "MEDIA"...have changed Sports. Have enjoyed writing on blogs & to many fans & sports writers, and finally now on b/r, and look forward to the interaction here. I try to read, listen, & watch a variety of sports venues for information from across the board...it helps to seperate the many excellent writers from biased, emotional & tabloid writing...and there is alot out there. Amazing how much is written today with pure speculation, conflicting reports, and anonymous sources...a lot of...> BS.>!

Also opinions are like rear ends...everyone has one...and there are certainly asses....with opinions. I don't need to agree with every to enjoy the article...try to take out that which is good in the article & for what it is.

Also can't stand people who make statements and can't defend them, or can't interact in a dialogue to debate difference. But hey I'm trying to learn from anyone...even the A-Holes.

Eventually moved to Phoenix, Arizona. Have a BS in Exercise Physiology, in 1986 & some grad courses. Have a Master's degree in Management in 1992.
Was a grad asst. strength coach at ASU for mainly athlete's but mainly womans basketball, tennis, softball teams. Have passed history of working in the fitness sports manangement industry an assortment of people with varied health goals, conditions & rehab.
Haven't spoken to him in yrs. but did train Barry Bonds hard in weight training for 2 off seasons in the 80's when he was with Pittsburgh, he had a great training & work ethic though.

Currently am totally out of the business & have been selling Real Estate for the last 8 yrs....Go figure... :)
Like all kinds of music...but love to country dance....Am single...not in love ...but open to persuasion... LOL
6' 2" & 260lbs. Had been involved in all kinds of sports growing up & played most. Very Active... workout, weights, spin class, box, hike...etc..

I have much to learn...and want to know more about everything and look forward to writing, sharing ideas & opinions, and maybe making friends from around the country...!

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  • iowa chick posted 3058 days ago

    iowa chick

    Thanks for the fan add, Jan. I am very interested to read yours. You have a great professional background! I'm heading right now to read your first. Thanks again.