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I have worked in sports at the NY Post and as a reporter for the NY Daily News, as well as at Major League Baseball. and RotoWire Bleacher Report is all about writing as well as stirring up conversation and debate.

The Yankees, Mets, general baseball and football knowledge are my specialties when it comes to writing.

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  • Jaleel Mohammed posted 2509 days ago

    Jaleel Mohammed

    Congrats on your 1000 read, you definitely picked an interesting topic to discuss...

  • Trey Adkins posted 3216 days ago

    Trey Adkins

    Thanks for the help on the Wake Forest football article.

  • John Intrater posted 3486 days ago

    John Intrater

    again nice work on the willie article. Found it really interesting, and I hate all NYC sports teams. I really would like you to write an article comparing willie in NY and leyland in Detroit. Who you think will be canned first?