Adeyemi Adediran

Adeyemi Adediran


I am an attorney and an avid sports fan; im interested in a variety of sports including football, soccer, basketball, and to some extent tennis. My favorite sports team is the Lakers and my favorite sports star is not surprisingly Kobe Bryant of the lakers. I enjoy nothing more than a spirited discussion about sports and i am not afraid to share my honest opinions and encourage others to do so as well.

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  • Steven Gantle posted 1561 days ago

    Steven Gantle

    This is old from a kobe/Jordan post, but u mentioned MJ went 15-35 in a game against Utah in the Finals. Welll................Kobe 2000 vs pacers game 5 4-20, game 6 8-27. They won game 3 by the way, he sat out injured lol. 2001 game 1 7-22, easy win over 6ers shaq DOMINATES with 40/20 games. Kobe 44-106 total, which is one of his BEST Finals ever. 2002 his BEST EVER. 36-70 total, ez sweep of NJ as SHAQ DOMINATES. 36-70 is about what MJs TOTAL % is all time. Its RED HOT for Kobe. 2004, he knows shaq carried the team. He wants to be like Mike, so he jacks up 113 shots in 6 games, making 53. Game 1 10-27, game 4 8-25, game 5 7-21 as the PISTONS destroy a superior laker team thanks to Kobes ego. He chases SHAQ out of town, heat win championship. They get Gasol, but cant beat the SUNS even blowing a 3-1 series lead. Only with GASOL/BYNUM COMBO do they return to the Finals. 2008 game one 9-26. game 4 6-19. Game 4 8-21. Game 6 7-22. So MJ had one game he missed 20 shots, obviously not good. Kobe manages to miss 15 when he took 13 FEWER SHOTS! Whats worse? Obviously 7-22. That was a game in Boston, when the Celts led by 35 or 40 at one point. I cant recall the Bulls in the finals being down 40.....2009 game one 16-34!!! so two shots better than one of MJs WORST finals games, and its one of Kobes BEST games. But game 4...11-31. Lakers win, Gasol/Bynum Dominate. Courtney Lee misses a lay up. Biggest factor? Garnetts knee. It took Orlando 7 games to beat Celts with no Garnet, but injuries are a part of the game. The LAKERS won that year, Kobe had one of his BEST finals performances. 58-135 from the field. About as good as Jordan WORST, against the Sonics. 3 10-29, the vital game 7 6-24. Which brings me to another point, Kobes TOTAL shooting in FINAL games of the FINALS....52-151. A pinch over 33%. TERRIBLE to say the least. I understand loving a team and having fav players, but facts are facts. Kobe is a good player who is very lucky to be with a GREAT franchise, and to have played with SHAQ, GASOL, have phil coach him....great players are rare. Being honest and able to recognize the difference between good and great in a team game such as basketball isn't easy. Maybe I helped you see the truth, or maybe deep down you already knew, that Kobe is the most overrated player in NBA history. He's GOOD, but comparing him to all time greats is simply exposing your lack of understanding of the game.

  • Chaz Erickson posted 2331 days ago

    Chaz Erickson

    How is Kobe the best all time...?

  • john n posted 2479 days ago

    john n

    I'm sorry, your terribly incorrect about the way you see Kobe as the best player ever. There is not a single thing kobe did better than jordan, not a single statistic that was better. Most are not even close. Jordan was miles beyond kobe in absolutely every single conceivable way. Simple as that. It's mind boggling how you could just brush aside the other all time greats, too, and just place kobe on the throne. I am just at a loss for words. I'm sure this article will help you understand:

  • Carl D posted 2491 days ago

    Carl D

    You are delusional if you think Kobe is even top 10 all time. He played in an era with no hand checking and Jordan is better in every statistic. You know nothing about basketball. Kobe has been hyped up by the media and has had the leagues highest payroll. To consider him GOAT is crazy. Top 10 is pushing it

  • Adeyemi Adediran posted 2833 days ago

    Adeyemi Adediran

    Good you too are entitled to your opinion, i respect and welcome it, even as i think it's based on emotion and what the "experts" tell you as opposed
    to rationale. Thanks.

  • Gerald Flemming posted 2834 days ago

    Gerald Flemming

    Welcome to the sport of basketball Adeyemi. It's a wonderful sport with a rich history and many generations of great players. The fact that you think Kobe is the best player of all time is a nice thing. It makes you a fan. It unfortunately doesn't make you educated and thorough in your rational.

    When the greatest players that have ever played the game say that Jordan is the best...what do you know that they don't?

    Larry Bird once said, "that's just God pretending to be Michael Jordan."

    And with the whole Lebron vs Kobe debate, how can he be the best of all time when there is a substantial debate that he's not necessarily the best playing right now. You're argument is predicated that skill is more important than rings or statistics, if that's the case than you open the door for Lebron to be talked about.

    Look, I'm glad he gets you this worked up but there is no way on God's green earth that Kobe is better than Jordan, Kareem, Wilt or Russell.

    As somebody who had the privilege of seeing both Kobe and Jordan play live, there was a distinct difference in the maturity level and the multifaceted capabilities that Jordan possessed.

    And the final point I would like to make...

    The most important facet of a great player...

    He makes everybody on his team better. And there is no player in the history of the game that is more widely touted for doing that than Jordan. Whereas, up until recently the major slight to Kobe's game was that he was selfish.

    But again, welcome to Basketball Adeyemi. It's an incredible sport, and there are many really great books that will educate you on the past of the sport and increase your enjoyment of it's present.