Scott Hastie

Scott Hastie


A huge basketball fan at the age of 16, I'm all about the Toronto Raptors. I enjoy discussing the sport and do my best to remain open to others opinions. If you have an idea for a Raptors article, just leave me a message and I'll do my best.

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  • Stephen Sonneveld posted 1962 days ago

    Stephen Sonneveld

    Hello, Scott. I saw that you posted a comment to one of the articles regarding racist team names. If you're passionate about the subject, I invite you to read:

  • Aaron Navarro posted 2986 days ago

    Aaron Navarro

    hey man mind checking this out?

  • Aaron Navarro posted 2989 days ago

    Aaron Navarro

    Hey man

    please do me a favour and checkie this!

    comments are welcome

  • Keith Schlosser posted 2999 days ago

    Keith Schlosser

    I'm back!! I want to know, has Donnie Walsh done enough in his first summer with the Knicks?

  • micheal malcolm posted 3012 days ago

    micheal malcolm

    Hey Scott

    Here is my latest, the REAL story on Gilbert Arenas along with some breaking news that you may not be aware of!


  • Gerald Flemming posted 3013 days ago

    Gerald Flemming

    Hey Scott, a little something on the MJ controversy. If you've got a moment, love to hear what you have to say on the issue.

  • Timber Wolf posted 3016 days ago

    Timber Wolf

    Lol... Well thanks for all the compliments man.

    Um, a little background information on it...
    Thanks for thinking I'm crazy. I like that. And your right, I do feel very strongly for my team, and It's sad that I won't be writing for Bleacher for too much longer, I have received a contract to write for a new website called FanHuddle.

    Ticket Boy described it as "a devastating blow to the Bleacher Report T'Wolves community".

    Now on my Wolves.
    It really just came out of me when I first got to the site, no one seemed to have any real passion about them, and no one seemed to even have great facts, or even genuine opinions on them.

    It all started out with me just wanting to find a Season prediction for the Wolves for next season. I could'nt find one, so I wrote one, and ever since then, I just kept writing. I never would have thought a writer such as myself would be in the top 20 in NBA on Bleacher Report, or even number one in Wolves.

    Jody?? Yeah, he's even crazier than me. Me and him go at it alot, and it's funny because we are on the same side. Now when me and him are right on the same page, it's hard to go against us. I like Jody though.

    Thanks for all of your compliments. I really appreciate your criticism as long as it's not disrespectful, or downright incorrect. I can't tell you about all the people that think they know something, when they just don't.

    Thanks for everything man..

  • Aaron Navarro posted 3021 days ago

    Aaron Navarro

    hey man

    please check my latest article out!

  • Aaron Navarro posted 3024 days ago

    Aaron Navarro


    i've finished my latest article on
    this past off-season

    please check it out and leave a comment!


  • micheal malcolm posted 3027 days ago

    micheal malcolm

    Hey Scott

    So after suffering a broken finger ive been able to write a little bit more. LOL. Check out my latest please, comments are always welcomed