Brad Norton

Brad Norton


Brad Norton....

the madness continues....

as we turn things up a few notches...

we suggest you prepare...

you are about to...

experience fun...

in a way you...

have never experienced... before....


i ask you...

are you ready...?

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  • Shadman Sakib posted 2270 days ago

    Shadman Sakib

    lacey von erich isn't it??

  • jim marco posted 2420 days ago

    jim marco

    whose picture is this ?

  • Steve Thompson posted 2786 days ago

    Steve Thompson

    Hi Brad. You should check out the CFL's Official Website. They've got a special article on April 26 about your pal, Jason Boltus.

  • Steve Thompson posted 2869 days ago

    Steve Thompson

    Brad, if I really had a chance to interview to Mark Cohon, I'd want to ask him everything I could. I might not get another chance. That's why this article is so long.

  • Steve Thompson posted 2883 days ago

    Steve Thompson

    I agree with you Brad. Though I'm more of an NFL fan than a CFL fan, that's no reason to run down the league. I'd like to see the CFL grow and prosper. But when I was a commentator/co-host of a phone-in sports tv show in Ajax, we'd get the occasional caller who would put the league down. Also, I've never heard an American announcer speak of the CFL with disrespect. It is only Canadians who do so.

  • Steve Thompson posted 2884 days ago

    Steve Thompson

    Thanks for reading and commenting on my article, Brad. The CFL needs more fans like you.

  • Miss Annie posted 2890 days ago

    Miss Annie

    Hmm, nice picture. to comment on this?

  • Jamie H posted 2914 days ago

    Jamie H

    My entry for the CvC, it's on HBK.

    My first peice btw, please read and comment if you get a chance, thanks in advance

  • TJ Zwarych posted 2949 days ago

    TJ Zwarych

  • Jonathan Hamelin posted 2966 days ago

    Jonathan Hamelin


    I think Giants had expressed an interest to write one about the Tiger Cats as well. But I don't see why we couldn't include two of them...

    As for the game this weekend, the Riders could clinch a second place finish with the win. Though either way, all they have to do next week is beat the Calgary Stampeders to get first place. However, if they lose to the Cats and lose to Calgary, they get third place.