Gareth Crocodile Mars

Gareth Crocodile Mars


Just so all of you know, this is my third account.

I am Canadian and thus became a big fan of Bret Hart, who I could not believe was from the same town as me, Calgary, and the WWF champion. It was really something inspiring for me, which wanted me to get into wrestling. I tried it out in high school and in college and had the privilege of winning college level and high school level awards and honours.
I was offered chances to get into local promotions, which wrestled once month for fifty dollars a match. I tried it out for a year and had a lot of fun, but I finally decided that wrestling was something I could watch, but couldn't really do that well. I was interested in pharmacy like my father and pursued that after finally abandoning my dream of wrestling.
Regardless I am still a big fan of wrestling and have watched since 1993. Right now I find myself as a fan of Chris Jericho, who I consider one of the best performers of all time, and Christian, an underrated but extraordinarily gifted talent. Much like with WCW, I only started to watch TNA when my favourite star transferred over. In the case of TNA, it was Christian, and in the case of WCW, it was Bret Hart. I no longer watch TNA, though I am grateful that the promotion allowed one of my all time favourites to become a main event star.
I still go back and see that little promotion at times. I take my nephews when ever I have time. My finisher there was the only move I could do well; a single leg Boston Crab. I was pretty crap at performing, looking back, since I am terrible in front of crowds.
I watch Football, Soccer that is, and support Manchester United. It is truly the greatest sports team in the world.
UFC is another one of my interests. I can say shamelessly that I only watched for Lesnar, but I love it now. Dos Santos is wrecking machine and Overreem better watch it. I also support a fighter known as John Maguire. Check him out, he's quite good.
My old account was somehow frozen so I shall continue my work on this one.

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  • Ryan L posted 1940 days ago

    Ryan  L

    Another new account? WTF?

  • Jonathan Bones posted 1941 days ago

    Jonathan Bones

    Thanks for the article props =)