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  • Patrick B posted 390 days ago

    Patrick B

    Hey Aussie, must say you are sadly missed around these parts. Thought I'd post this here anyways on the off-chance you check the boards sometimes. If you got time I'm putting together a Bleacher Report Comments Section Wrestling Awards (like last year) for a bit of fun. I’ve put together a selection of categories so people can choose their favourites and least favourites from this year of wrestling.

    Would be great to see what your picks are (and any additional awards you wish to include). If enough people provide their answers, I'd like to tally them up and have an ultimate winner for each category to be announced later.

    Keep picks to one, no more than two if you can't decide! Write your answers on my board so I can keep track, I've filled out my answers for each category to give you an idea.

    BR Wrestling Awards 2016

    The Macho Man Award (MVP of wrestling) - AJ Styles

    The Sami Zayn award (NXT MVP) – Asuka

    Non-WWE MVP – Io Shirai

    Match of the year - Final Deletion

    Best weekly wrestling show - The Cruiserweight Classic

    Best babyface(s) – Mayu Iwatani (like the human-form of Bambi, impossible not to root for but also a phenomenal wrestler) / Becky Lynch (Great wrestling, great promos, great heart – everything a babyface should be)

    Best heel(s) – Samoa Joe/Charlotte

    The Arn Anderson award (Best in-ring) – AJ Styles/Io Shirai

    Best talker – Samoa Joe

    Most improved - Charlotte

    Tag team of the year – The Revival

    Feud of the year - Broken Matt Hardy vs. Brother Nero

    Gimmick of the year – Broken Matt Hardy

    The Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson circa 1999 award i.e. miracle worker of the year (turned creative garbage into gold) – Dean Ambrose. Not my favourite wrestler by any means but was given nothing but terrible stuff (like plants and a uninterested Brock Lesnar) and was able to get it over. Booked awfully but stayed afloat and with the crowd behind him (a lesser performer would have been dead in the water), and apparently had a huge part in the creative process around James Ellsworth. So big credit to the guy. Job well-done.

    Wooden spoon award (worst performer) – Titus O’Neil (he’s like a real-life Larry David in his awkwardness)

    Best PPV of the year – Backlash/NXT Dallas.

    Worst PPV of the year – Wrestlemania

    Worst babyface – Roman Reigns. A top guy push that failed like none before it

    Worst heel – Triple H (stop portraying yourself as the top heel in the company if you’re never going to be there!)

    Best non-wrestling segment – Daniel Bryan’s retirement.

    Worst non-wrestling segment – The Rock’s ego marathon at Mania.

    The Fandango/Summer Rae award, i.e. most underutilized – Fandango and Summer Rae.

    Biggest fall from grace – Paige, sadly

    Worst part of WWE – Stephanie McMahon. Needs to just go away.

    Best face turn – Heath Slater

    Best heel turn – Seth coming back from injury to a huge babyface pop only to remain heel

    Phoenix rising award (coming back from booking oblivion) – Dean Ambrose. Booked to be the fall guy in the never-ending Roman push for so long, and then booed as champion. Thankfully the brand split saved him over time.

    Best booking decision – Brand Split/ Hiring AJ Styles

    Worst booking decision – The face turn of Rollins has been terrible, and incomplete.

    Stalling for Triple H vs Rollins till Mania has been a huge mistake.

    Biggest creative success – The Miz/Ziggler feud

    Biggest creative disappointment – Continual push of Roman as the top guy of Raw/ his lack of heel turn

    Favourite debut – Nakamura

    Largest discrepancy between creative’s intentions and my interpretations – Rusev has always been a face in my eyes.

    Best champ – Becky Lynch

    Worst champ – Roman Reigns

    Hero of the year – Daniel Bryan for that retirement speech and being a real voice for the fans as GM

    Villain of the year – injuries

    Most overrated this year – Bobby Roode.

    Most underrated this year – Andrade "Cien" Almas.

    Most underwhelming moment – Shield triple threat

    Best 'I thought this would be terrible but was really great' match – The whole of the Cruiserweight Classic.

    Best rookie year of an NXT alumni on the main roster – Alexa Bliss

    Best mic work - The Miz and Ziggler during their feud.

    Worst botch: Unfortunately, pretty much every Mick Foley promo.

    WTF moment of the year: Paige’s self-implosion/ Shaq and Tatanka being in the Andre the Giant Battle Royale.

    Most irritating moment: WWE 24 Women’s Evolution documentary or as it should be referred to ‘the continuing false narrative that the Bellas and Stephanie McMahon in anyway started a woman’s wrestling revolution in WWE’

    Non-WWE star that should be in WWE: Kairi Hojo

  • Doctor Cube posted 476 days ago

    Doctor Cube

    Australian! Welcome back my friend, that new profile pic is quite easy on the peepers.

  • Anna Omega posted 476 days ago

    Anna Omega

    Ha ha ha! Aussie gone French! ;D

  • Doctor Cube posted 498 days ago

    Doctor Cube

    Aussie brother, where art thou? It's been a while mate, I'm slowly getting back into WWE and I wanted to share with our most well known Australian representative. Has winter been that harsh?

    6 days left until the Olympics my friend, are you ready? Because all of France's best chances at the gold are. By the way are the Olympics called the Winter Olympics in Australia? I remember that France did pretty great in Sydney, I'm taking this as a sign.

  • Anna Omega posted 510 days ago

    Anna Omega

    I wonder if the world is ready... Be prepared.

  • Anna Omega posted 524 days ago

    Anna Omega

    Congratulations, you are invited to the WWE and NXT PPV prediction community, courtesy of the one and only ANNA. Prove your superior match outcome prediction skills - that is, if you have any. Or just back down from the challenge of all challenges. CHOOSE... YOUR... DESTINY!

    (If the page is shown in German, you can easily change it from DE to EN at the bottom of the page.)

  • Richard A posted 525 days ago

    Richard A

    You never replied back regarding how you yourself were doing. For all I know, a huntsman spider ate you (You're Australian, you do Australian things).

  • Patrick B posted 528 days ago

    Patrick B

    Thought I'd do a bit of fantasy booking and ask others to do the same. Predict what the card at Mania will be next year, and we can all look back at how woefully terrible or stunningly brilliant our predictions were. So let me know what you would book.

    Here are my predictions. I'll preface this by saying I think this'll be the longest Mania in history so a lot of matches.

    John Cena vs Undertaker (retirement match). There’s a reason these two have barely ever feuded. I imagine Vince always wanted Taker’s final match to be against Cena at Wrestlemania. Cena wins LOL.

    Roman Reigns vs Dean Ambrose (WWE Championship match). Roman regains his belt, take four for the mega push! This time as a heel.

    Seth Rollins vs. Nakamura.

    Stephanie McMahon vs Ronda Rousey. Steph puts Rousey over and gets comeuppance. Rousey never appears in WWE again until her Hall of Fame induction.

    Brock Lesnar vs Samoa Joe. My dream match for quite some years.

    Becky Lynch vs Bayley vs Charlotte vs Sasha Banks (Women's champion). Becky finally wins the belt.

    Tag Team Championship ladder Match (American Alpha [champions] vs. The Vaudevillians vs The Revival vs. The Wyatt Family vs Enzo and Cass vs the Dudleys). Enzo and Cass finally win a title.

    Finn Balor (with the Club) (Big Gold Belt champion) vs AJ Styles. Heel Finn gets a big Mania win.

    The Rock announces Mania attendance (takes 2 hours). Daniel Bryan comes out at the end to a much bigger pop, Rock looks annoyed.

    Kevin Owens (IC Champion) vs. Sami Zayn – Sami finally beats Owens. Owens turns face when they embrace at the end.

    New Day Triple Threat – Big E goes over having already turned heel on his brothers and gets a singles push post-Mania.

    Team Paige vs Team Asuka – I can dream of an Asuka call-up.

    Andre Battle Royale – Ricochet wins. I'm betting on him being in WWE by this point.

    Nikki Bella vs Nia Jax. – Nikki wants to be the next Cena, so she’d have Cena booking here going over the monster undefeated heel with her 2 moves of doom. I vomit in my mouth slightly.

    US title match Rusev vs Del Rio – Del Rio now a big babyface wins the title.

    Hall of Fame: Taker. Chyna. Vader. Andy Kaufman.

  • Patrick B posted 530 days ago

    Patrick B

    Hey buddy, good to hear you got your stuff done. Always satisfying to get it all done. How are you finding Raw currently? Any thoughts on the Brand Split.

    Have to say Raw this week was one of the best in a while for me. New Day and the Wyatts really gelling, Rollins and Ambrose have great chemistry, Sami Zayn/Jericho/Owens was highly entertaining, Becky back to taking no prisoners, and Sasha and Paige back on our tv. Great stuff all round.

  • Dave posted 531 days ago


    Australian! My man how's it going? Haven't seen you around as of late. Glad to hear you got all your winter preparations done. Hopefully you'll have some free time to enjoy some good old fashion wrestling. Shield triple threat match should be awesome. Plus my man Brock will be returning before we know it! He'll be fighting at UFC200 as well. Not sure if you're a MMA fan or not but I can't wait!

    I'll have to give that cocktail recipe a try. I myself love Captian Morgan and cola with a lime wedge. Can't beat a classic. It's also good mixed with mango juice although mango juice can be pretty hard to find where I live.