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  • Kevin Darnit posted 1481 days ago

    Kevin Darnit

    Hey, I've just started up a new basketball forum just over a week ago. I'm looking for some motivated, active users who can help get the forum off the ground.

    If you're interested, check it out and sign up!

    Here's the link: http://hoopsactive.com/forums/

  • RC Akhtar posted 1504 days ago

    RC Akhtar

    I will keep dreaming. lol, Us laker fans get whateverrr we want. haha. But hope he stays in Golden state they have something good going, and there franchise is revived in a first time in a while.

  • Warriors Baby posted 1565 days ago

    Warriors Baby

    Thanks dude, your words mean a lot!

    That's exactly what I tried to do with my breakout players post, glad to see you noticed with the creativity.

    I'd be really high on the Jazz too, just need to see how Trey Burke pans out his rookie season. I can see him becoming a Mo Williams-type player worst case scenario.

  • Warriors Baby posted 1566 days ago

    Warriors Baby

    Haha, no problem, man!

    Thanks for the kind words, hopefully you noticed the new domain name!

    Any feedback from you is welcome!

  • Warriors Baby posted 1586 days ago

    Warriors Baby

    Come follow my NBA blog!

    Brand new

  • Austin posted 1591 days ago


    Some rumors are that Pek's agent wants a 5th year, some are that he is waiting so he doesn't have to go to a training camp for his national team. It's still frustrating.

  • Austin posted 1592 days ago


    I'm indifferent about the draft so far. I think Shabazz has upside, but I need to see more. Dieng is a good fit. Martin was a good signing because of his play with Adelman in the past. Brewer is solid. I'm really disappointed in Pek's agent though wanting a 5th year for him. It's really hurting the relationship there.
    I saw Chris Palmer predicted the Warriors in the finals. What do you think about that?

  • Austin posted 1592 days ago


    My guess is 7th or 8th seed. I think the win difference in that is 1 win, so it could go either way. Best case, a Warriors type run and 4th/5th. Worst case, Miss by a couple of wins after more injuries. But my guess is 7th/8th.

  • The Cowardula posted 1592 days ago

    The Cowardula

    Yeah I think his ceiling at every statistical average r:
    PPG: 28.6
    RPG: 5.2
    APG: 8.5
    SPG: 2.2
    Kyrie is a pretty good 3pt shooter too, but Steph is the best in the world.

  • Long gone posted 1593 days ago

    Long gone

    IDK where it went.