Scott Myers

Scott Myers


No expert on the evolution of college football here. Just a Buckeye living in Sooner country. For real professional analysis with x’s and O’s theory then you will need to politely surf elsewhere. All I can offer is opinion and attempt humor honed by years of practice while living in different areas of the country. My perspective reflects thousands of conversations with fans from every conference, and living in WAC, Big 8/12, SW, Big 10, ACC, and SEC country.

I have no sports credentials. My glorious high school football career consisted of lifting, running, vomiting, being too sore to get out of bed, and cheering for my teammates on the sideline. In a future article I will detail an account of the best tackle I made – it was purely an accident. Gifted with average size (yet with a decided lack of athletic talent), an aversion to pain, a love of snack food, and the ability to chug a beer in a single gulp – this writer was born a college football fan.

I write and comment on college football articles and posts from a perspective some may find odd. While I am a bit of homer (Buckeyes), I do appreciate good football no matter who’s involved. Respect for all fans and programs I have, appreciation for extreme subjectivity and unwarranted or excessive personal attacks, I do not. Mutual respect is standard operating procedure until it’s not. Capish?

Hope you find some entertainment here, let me know your thoughts.

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  • Kristofer Green posted 3073 days ago

    Kristofer Green

    Scott—As a fellow Big Ten fan, I'm interested in your opinion on who will actually win the title this season. Seems like it could be a very competitive year in the Big Ten.

    I appreciate your feedback!


  • Doug Urschel posted 3076 days ago

    Doug Urschel


    Thanks for your support. Buckeye lost in OK? I wonder where your allegiance is?

    Doug Urschel