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  • Joseph Champion posted 1809 days ago

    Joseph Champion

    Yeah, you were right. Nebraska's D is so much better than when the faced tOSU.

  • Mannie Young posted 1852 days ago

    Mannie Young

    I can take losing. I also enjoy a friendly and well spoken debate, or trash talk session. However, you my friend, sound like a neanderthal that spooged all over a keyboard.

    Nebraska may have beaten Michigan and pretty good I have to add. However, to think that they would have enjoyed that same level of success had Robinson not got hurt is just blind dumb ignorance. Yes, Michigan was a one man show with Robinson at QB and Nebraska was playing decently in the first half, but Michigan would have made half time adjustments and eventually started moving the ball at will. Nebraska's defense only looked good because in the 2nd half they were able to pin their ears back an attack a red-shirt freshmen QB who had no business being in the game. Other than that, they are average at best.

    Regardless, Nebraska won the game and they control the division right now, but you better hope they don't lay an egg at Iowa on Saturday. It is unlikely, sure, but crazier things have happened. One thing is for sure, if they had to play Michigan again, it wouldn't be so easy or end so nicely for the Cornhuskers.

    Oh, and forget about Nebraska in the B1G championship next season bro! Michigan and Michigan State will be battling it out for that right because they have the defenses for it, and their offenses will be much more balanced and efficient. Shoot, I think Iowa might even pass you all up next season. You are looking at 4th place at best. So I guess they better make this year count or else they might not get another shot.

    Good luck Cornbread!

  • Buckeye Soldier posted 1924 days ago

    Buckeye Soldier

    how'd the huskers do today? did they roll?

  • Buckeye Soldier posted 1924 days ago

    Buckeye Soldier

    how'd nebraska do today?