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  • ChiTown SportsFan posted 1862 days ago

    ChiTown SportsFan

    Hey man, time to get on the boards and make fun of all the bum Yankee fans.

  • ChiTown SportsFan posted 1867 days ago

    ChiTown SportsFan

    I'll be laughing my ass of when Detroit eliminates the Yanks. All these delusional Yankee fans on these boards think they're gonna get past Detroit. What a joke.

  • ChiTown SportsFan posted 1868 days ago

    ChiTown SportsFan

    Old bum bandwagon Yank fans make me laugh. The turds don't know anything about the game of baseball, unless it's only the Yankees. What a bunch of schmucks.

  • ChiTown SportsFan posted 1871 days ago

    ChiTown SportsFan

    A-Roid = bum
    Jeter = old bum
    Suzuki = old bum
    Swisher = bum
    Martin = bum
    Teixeira = bum
    Pettite = Old bum
    Sabatha = bum

    Team filled with a whole bunch of bums.

  • ChiTown SportsFan posted 1883 days ago

    ChiTown SportsFan

    Just redesigned my profile page, check it out man.

  • ChiTown SportsFan posted 1884 days ago

    ChiTown SportsFan

    Thanks again. Some of those sensitive bum Yankee fans have no business wasting precious space on my page to leave their dumb comments. It's so funny how they can't handle the truth. Makes me laugh how they still treat Jeter as if he's still the Derek Jeter from the late 90's and into his prime.

  • ryan swan posted 1890 days ago

    ryan swan

    I searched your page, his page and some of his most recent articles. I don't see your comment(s).

  • ryan swan posted 1895 days ago

    ryan swan

    He found ya! /yikes

  • Chad R. MacDonald posted 1902 days ago

    Chad R. MacDonald

    Thanks very much for the comment and the props!

    Mucho Appreciado!

  • ryan swan posted 1907 days ago

    ryan swan

    The easy schedule will certainly help. Maybe playing a bit from behind, with a sense of urgency, may kickstart this old club. Plus, maybe against the duds, they'll have weak call-ups that swing at anything so maybe Nova and company can actually get people out and not implode.

    The Rangers are still very good. Darvish so far is a bust, considering the cost. But he does get K's and that's necessary for the Posteason; putting the ball in play is too dangerous compared to a K. Depending on which Yu shows up that day, it could be interesting.

    The NL pitching is nasty. The Nationals, Giants and possibly the Dodgers(if the old Beckett shows up) are all very, very dangerous.

    What do you think of the Granderson-Dunn comparison? I think offensively it's spot on.

    Your "pal" is a character to say the least. Half ridiculous and half somewhat knowledgeable but all attitude.