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An Arsenal fan living in Nottingham. I have no connection to the club, I started supporting them when they played Standard Liege at home in the European Cup Winners' Cup in 1993, and I have been a fan ever since. That season Arsenal won the Cup Winners' Cup 1-0 vs Parma. I got my first replica shirt in 1995.
As an Englishman I proudly support my national team. World Cup '94 in USA was my first major tournament and England had failed to qualify. Euro '96 was my most memorable tournament for England especially the 4-1 thrashing of Netherlands. Gareth Southgate's penalty shootout miss was the first time I cried after a football match. Since then the golden generation have actually managed to make me disillusioned with the national team and hopefully the current generation will repair my feelings as a proud England supporter.

Also interested in pro-wrestling, I watched WCW on TV back in 1991/2 (I wasn't able to watch WWF except for videos my friends had). I used to like Ravishing Rick Rude! I also had the action figures of British Bulldog and Hulk Hogan (the Hulk-a-plex model), which nobody else had!
I started watching pro-wrestling again during the attitude era when WCW Worldwide came on TV and soon after WWF Heat and the PPVs were broadcast. The WCW cruiserweight division was like watching flying gymnasts! Royal Rumble 2000 was the first PPV I watched. I continued watching beyond the Invasion by WCW/ECW into the Ruthless Aggression era and attended my first live show in 2004. My favourite wrestlers were Goldberg, Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit. I also watched TNA for the first time.
I started watching pro-wrestling again towards the end of 2011 with TNA being broadcast. It wasn't particularly exciting for me then so I started watching WWE again but I resumed TNA viewings in early 2012 as WWE was getting bad to watch. I am a fan of Daniel Bryan in WWE and Austin Aries and Magnus in TNA. The X-Division is really enjoyable.
I'm often frustrated by the poor booking decisions of WWE but the show is still entertaining and TNA is superior in terms of programme quality. And I think 'Cena sucks'!

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  • Mike Chiari posted 1956 days ago

    Mike  Chiari

    Thank you very much for the compliment on my wall, Bob. I realize that not everyone is going to agree with everything I write and I certainly don't want or expect them to. I just want to present my arguments clearly and thoroughly and I'm glad to hear that you feel like I do that. I really appreciate you taking the time to read my stuff.