David Matuszak

David Matuszak


Hey, my name is Dave. I'm a die hard Pittsburgh Steeler fan and I love the Penguins more then any other team. I joined Bleacher Report because I also love to write what I feel. I am not looking to ever be a professional journalist, although I did take a few classes related to the subject in high school.

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  • Tim SteelersFan posted 3052 days ago

    Tim SteelersFan

    Much has been written about the Steelers, the 1970s, and their use of steroids. The current public perception is the Steelers began and glamorized the use of roids in the 70s. Read my article to find out who one man, with 4 NFL teams, spread the use of steroids throughout the NFL, beginning in 1963, and see just how pervasive roid usage was by the time the Steelers began their decade of dominance.


  • Scotty Kimberly posted 3059 days ago

    Scotty Kimberly

    Thanks man. If they get rid of McCutchen it will be next year, when they sell off all of their young talent for even younger prospects... It's maddening...


  • Scotty Kimberly posted 3059 days ago

    Scotty Kimberly

    Exactly how much of the Pirates opening day roster is left? See for yourself how the fans could take it...


    Comments are appreciated.


  • Ryan Droege posted 3060 days ago

    Ryan Droege

    Not a problem, sir! Just glad to be of assistance. Don't hesitate to let me know of any questions or comments.

  • Griffin Cooper posted 3061 days ago

    Griffin Cooper

    Hey David,

    Week 2 of my MLB Power Rankings: Deadline Edition. If you get the chance, I'd appreciate it if you took a look. Thanks.