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  • Samrin Hasib posted 1662 days ago

    Samrin Hasib


    I am taking a break from BR and heading out to Bavarian Football Works. So, I will miss you but you are free to share your thoughts with me any time you want to!

  • gaby Ana posted 1854 days ago

    gaby Ana

    first of all he has 15+ assists overall...not just in la liga.
    And for your information the top assiter in la liga had 16 assists overall...
    and please don't mention bundesliga as tough when Bayern practically devours every team with a 5+ scoreline...
    Ribery, Robben and Gomez make a feast out of it.

  • gaby Ana posted 1858 days ago

    gaby Ana

    so what? Ronaldo gets 15 assists a season. He's still one of the most selfish players anyways. But, Like I said, the difference is that he can afford to be selfish most of the time.

  • gaby Ana posted 1864 days ago

    gaby Ana

    lol don't be mad cure I'm saying the truth...He won a world cup with an average team and he also won trophies with Napoli (a mediocre team back then). Robben has always been surrounded by world class players. He could never make an average team go that far...sorry. He would try to do everything himself and would fail miserably like he usually does.

  • gaby Ana posted 1865 days ago

    gaby Ana least people Like Maradonna actually got the job done when they decided to be selfish no?
    If you're gonna be selfish at least regularly give results for it.
    And btw I've been a fan of Argentina since my childhood. I tend to be pretty loyal. So it doesn't matter whether they play well or not I'll always support them. Happen to think they've been shit these past couple of years...what can you do? still my team.

  • Kathryn Louw posted 1867 days ago

    Kathryn Louw

    For the most part. I would go

    Neuer (World's best GK in my opinion)
    Lahm- Boa-Bads-Alaba

    I am not Gomez's biggest fan, just because I am a fan of strikers that are more mobile than Gomez. Mandzukic as striker forces the rest of the squad to step it up and work on their own game... scoring their own goals. They can't just pass up front to Gomez. Gomez misses a lot of goals. Yes, he scores a lot, but he makes a lot of attempts that don't pan out. Mandzukic has been doing well and has scored in every Bayern game he has played in, so far.

  • Kathryn Louw posted 1868 days ago

    Kathryn Louw

    My opinion on Robben is that three years ago, he was our absolute best player, no doubt. But sense then, he has steadily decreased. He has become predictable and more tired (slower). He is still pretty fast, but he just isn't what he was when he got us to the CL Final vs Inter. I feel like he is still played and still favored because of what he did for us all of those years ago, even though Kroos and Mueller are both playing better, more consistently, than Robben.

    I think he could be a good supersub because he does still have speed and so to bring him on after we have worn out the other team for like sixty minutes would be deadly. It would be a lot of energy and force coming at them.