Kevin  Hennig

Kevin Hennig


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  • AJ Singh posted 1131 days ago

    AJ Singh


  • Bj Howell posted 1181 days ago

    Bj Howell

    Kevin, you should grow a pair and ask yourself if you're a true fan of the game or just a true hater of those who can make productive changes in their lives. And BTW Jerkface, you need to get a life.

  • rtune masta posted 1556 days ago

    rtune masta

    HAHAHA Kevin's a p(_)ssy just like his team. Guess i'd be bitter to if I were you LMFAO Tell your wh()re mom I said hi

  • red birds1121 posted 1639 days ago

    red birds1121

    Kevin writes all of his posts while i lay pipe to his mom. or as i call her the bang maid. all she does bang and clean. and kevin lives in the basement and masturbates to pictures of sam bradford and jeff fisher

  • chris bikin posted 1645 days ago

    chris bikin

    You are a douche.

  • Corey Kispert posted 1883 days ago

    Corey Kispert

    You're whole point in life is to blast the hawks and cards and promote the rams to what they are not. Shows you are a loser in life