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  • Noah Atkinson posted 1810 days ago

    Noah  Atkinson

    Dear Midnight Troll,
    I can understand your hatred towards ND. I can see that their players will be far more successful then you will ever be, which is a stupid redneck doing nothing but sit on his laptop all day. If this is what you do for a living, then I support your mom for being such a caring person. You absolutely disgusting, and you clearly would do anything and everything to be smartest guy in the room. Can't more SEC fans be respectful? You wanna know how many respectful southerners I've met? Four. Four out of the hundreds of people I've met in the south. Go to school, get a job and get a life, which is what most of the ND athletes have done, and what fewer 'Bama students have done. Go Irish, and no luck to you sir.

    P.S. Three of the four were over the Internet.

  • Kevin Vaughan posted 1846 days ago

    Kevin Vaughan

    I am not interested in any communication with someone as sick as you. Post all you like I am done with you! You need to find some help, if you spend the time to understand the events that accrued around the post you so proudly displayed you may understand my disgust, but I doubt it. I hope you do not have any children or ever experience what the family of the young lady went through. The purpose of this web site is for fan's to come together and have a fun time trash talking and throwing out fact about their teams, not a place for ignorant, sick minds to start sensationalized rumors to fuel their own troubled itinerary. I would appreciate you honoring my request and leaving me alone. Good luck getting help, you need it.

  • Rich Mulvey posted 1848 days ago

    Rich Mulvey

    Is it really midnight or did you just have your eyes closed all year?

  • Gary Bordogna posted 1861 days ago

    Gary Bordogna

    FANS (0)
    Midnight does not have any fans.
    No kidding.

  • Colin OC posted 1863 days ago

    Colin OC

    It is only a matter of time before this account is suspended Midnight Troll. How sad is your life that you must hide behind a bevy of fake profiles and make outrages statements just to get a rise out of a fanbase? You are a sick, disgusting, and disturbed lowlife. This is a sports website, so talk sports.

  • Greg Salvi posted 1865 days ago

    Greg Salvi

    You have an unnecessary hatred for Notre Dame. Cut it out.

    I wonder, did Notre Dame do anything that hurt you?

  • Charles Realtown posted 1909 days ago

    Charles Realtown

    Kevin McGrady had a falling out of sorts with Bleacher Report over the content they wanted to push. Their standards did not meet his, and he left the site permanently. It had nothing to do with Auburn or any other team. He no longer visits or comments on the site.