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  • Senor Truthishardtotake posted 1328 days ago

    Senor Truthishardtotake

    Haha, didn't expect this mate! Good work. I hope there are no hard feelings, it's always good to see proud fans of any club or nation.

  • Theodore Calvin posted 1692 days ago

    Theodore  Calvin

    Well earned, well earned. No excuses. Dominated. Enjoy.

  • Gianni Verschueren posted 1731 days ago

    Gianni Verschueren

    Thanks for becoming a fan!

  • Robert Lewington posted 1733 days ago

    Robert Lewington

    I know..shame! Those five minutes with Niang's miss and the (offside) second goal changed the game. But still, we weren't quite good enough, I think.

  • Robert Lewington posted 1866 days ago

    Robert Lewington

    It's a very good point: if Milan were still the same team as last year, would El-Shaarawy have had the chance to shine as he has? I very much doubt it. Even if he had played, a team with Ibrahimovic in it is often dominated by him, so El-Shaarawy may have been just a supporting player.

    Galliani's said Allegri stays for now but I read Berlusconi was not happy with the constant formation tinkering. I was all for giving Allegri some time but he has to show us some signs he's going in the right direction, and I don't think he's done that.

  • Robert Lewington posted 1866 days ago

    Robert Lewington

    I think it's clear that El-Shaarawy is the real deal. Other than that though, it's becoming increasingly clear that Milan need a change. Allegri tried out about three different formations last night, which proves he doesn't have a clear vision for the team, and just hopefully hanging on to him is not going to improve matters. Don't know if saw my Guardiola article but that would be fantastic. But even if that doesn't come off, or won't for a while, I think the whole team would probably benefit from bringing in, say, Tassotti as an interim manager.