Ian Malone

Ian Malone


I'm only coming back to Bleacher Report if Rachel Miller does.

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  • Gone Baby Gone posted 1803 days ago

    Gone Baby Gone

    Hey Ian,

    saw your comment on Justin Watry's page did you really resign as an FC b/c of him? If so classic and I applaud your stance as you have to stand by what you believe. I don't get his appeal, but he must be doing something right and I always found it funny that people read and probably still read his articles just to get mad. Judging by some of his latest topics it appears he might be in the FC program which is crazy. Sadly, the platform really changed when they made it more about how much you write, rather than the quality of the article. Anyway, miss your work, I just assumed you left completely, hard to believe it's been almost a year since you wrote here.

  • Iam D Real Deal yo posted 1948 days ago

    Iam D Real Deal  yo

    Hello, my CvC article is up: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/997875-wwe-cvc-greatest-match-ever-eddie-guerrero-vs-brock-lesnar-at-no-way-out-2004 Your read and comments will be appreciated, Thanks! :)

  • Iam D Real Deal yo posted 2003 days ago

    Iam D Real Deal  yo

    I am back, and this time, celebrating women's appreciation week on b/r.

    Here is a link to my latest article: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/921863-wwes-rendezvous-with-the-real-deal-neglecting-of-divas-whose-fault-is-it

    Do read when you can, Thanks. :)

  • Iam D Real Deal yo posted 2094 days ago

    Iam D Real Deal  yo

    Hello! Here is a link to my latest piece, your read and feedback will by very much appreciated: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/790248-celebrating-wwe-and-wrestling-i-am-a-wrestler-let-me-wrestle

  • RiZE posted 2096 days ago


    Hey Mr. Malone, I have a new article up and I would love your feedback


  • Kevin Stonebarger posted 2100 days ago

    Kevin Stonebarger

    Here's my newest article on CM Punk! Check it out!


  • Chinmay posted 2107 days ago


    Hello my new article is up. It is one of my biggest projects, and perhaps one of the better works. I would really appreciate your read and feedback on this one.


    Thanks a lot and cheers.

  • Iam D Real Deal yo posted 2109 days ago

    Iam D Real Deal  yo


  • RiZE posted 2115 days ago


    Here's my last CVC entry. Give it a read when you have a chance?


  • Jacob Waring posted 2119 days ago

    Jacob Waring

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