Peter M

Peter M


A teenager who knows a BIT too much about sports! I consistently follow the New York Giants almost everyday, as well as the entire National Football League. I also follow the NBA and sometimes MLB. I also create a thread that is made a week before NFL Kickoff on a forum I use almost everyday, and I've been doing that since 2008. I usually post scores, the latest news, and full-scale analysis on the thread. It usually garners over 1,000 views a year, which is pretty good, considering my forum has about 8,000 members, and not EVERY MEMBER uses it.

I've been a New York Giants fan since 2006. I was a Seahawks fan once, but when they lost the SB in 2006, I jumped off the bandwagon. I'm not a Giants fan because of their recent success, winning Super Bowls. It's because I know the entire history of the franchise, as well as the years winning their 8 World Championships. I also know the many stars who have donned the Giants uniform. Plus, my family have been NY Giants fans for many years, so I guess it caught on to me!

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