Bob Procowski

Bob Procowski


Just like in my Short Bio... Avid NBA and NFL fan.

Played Varsity high-school ball. Planned on trying to walk on to my college's team after messing up and turning down their offer to play coming out of high school. Unfortunately, I tore my ACL and MCL my sophomore year, as I was planning to attempt to walk on my junior year. Opted not to have surgery, just did treatment and rehab. Nearly a full year after, just around the same time (late March-early April), I tore my ACL and MCL again as well as my meniscus. End of that story...

First injury: Playing flag football. Typically played CB and FS, but due to our rusher AND one of our main LBs not being able to play (injury and classes respectively), I played as a rusher for that night's game. Towards the end of the game, I was rushing the QB and he attempted to lob a pass over me. I jumped up, caught the ball with my right hand and land with only my left leg planted (right leg still in the air). The QB was leaning towards me to pull my flag so instinctively I tried to juke him, failing to plant my right foot in time, which ended up causing my left knee to twist under me... partial ACL-MCL tear.

Second injury: After a year of rehabbing, resting, etc. I started easing my way back to playing recreational basketball. Things seemed comfortable, played a few intramural games at full speed, no issue. Then after a blowout win against a team that only signed up so they could make t-shirts lol, decided to get some more run with a recreational 5-on-5. Was running and jumping fine. Scored an open jumper on a possession and was lightly jogging back on defense and my left leg just gave out and twisted at the knee again. Didn't think it was too serious, so I sat and iced it on the bench then walked back to my room hobbled. Slept, woke up to a painful, swollen, immovable left leg. Out for another year...

And now I'm still recovering, almost close to that time of the year again to ease into sports, not sure if I will even try lol Oh well.

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  • Long gone posted 1617 days ago

    Long gone

    Go Hawks. Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett ain`t gonna last 2 years with Brooklyn.