A Loyal Heat Fan

A Loyal Heat Fan


I have been a loyal Miami Heat fan since LeBron came to town.

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  • john Moe posted 1922 days ago

    john Moe

    A loyal heat fan until lebron leaves huh?

  • Alec Ordonez posted 1926 days ago

    Alec Ordonez

    lol "Loyal Heat Fan" haha thats funny. Just a bandwagon fan once lebron joined. Your name should be "Typical Heat Fan".

  • jamarYis Gaston posted 1927 days ago

    jamarYis Gaston

    this dude is not heat fan

  • Mike Ess posted 1934 days ago

    Mike Ess

    They're on my likes, and I don't even see how that is even a valid point. I've never been a bandwagoner and you insist that you have been 'a loyal Heat fan since Lebron came to town'. That's the definition of a bandwagoner.

  • Mike Ess posted 1935 days ago

    Mike Ess

    I don't see how I'm a bandwagoner when I'm a devoted Raptor fan, lol.

  • Mike Ess posted 1938 days ago

    Mike Ess

    I can't tell if you're just kidding around or if you're just 9, but pick up a dictionary and look up the words 'fact' and 'schizophrenia'.

  • Stone Coggins posted 1951 days ago

    Stone Coggins

    Are you supposed to be a joke like the "Obnoxious Lakers Fan?"

  • josh jacob posted 1951 days ago

    josh jacob

    Please go to an asylum if you think d wade is is top he maybe top 50 and bosh isnt even anywhere top 100

  • Marvin posted 1951 days ago


    your a dumbass bandwagon

  • Jonah JJL posted 1951 days ago

    Jonah JJL

    you're a troll