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My name is Shawn Diebold and I am a Raider Fan. Yes I am not afraid to say that. I have been a Raider Fan since I was seven years old. At a young age I didn't care how the team performed but loved the silver and black mystique of the Raiders. My dream is to experience a Raider superbowl. I am a Laker fan and have experienced glory in that department but I still long for the day our ever gracious Al Davis can hoist a Vince Lombardi trophy in my lifetime. Right now we have three superbowls, before I go I truly expect that number to at least double. May it happen or not I will always be loyal to the silver and black.....Win, Lose, Or Tie, Oakland Raiders Till I Die.

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  • Terrell White posted 2589 days ago

    Terrell White

    Shwan check out my article and let me know if you agree


  • Randy Lavelle posted 2640 days ago

    Randy Lavelle

    I wrote a new article and would you to check it out & tell me what you think!Thanks in advance!

  • Randy Lavelle posted 2654 days ago

    Randy Lavelle

    I'm back and wrote an article!Tell me what you think!

  • Barnavicious X posted 2915 days ago

    Barnavicious X

    Dennis Dixon in Silver and Black

  • Barnavicious X posted 2920 days ago

    Barnavicious X


  • JW Nix posted 2934 days ago

    JW Nix

    I HAD to get this rant out :

  • Keith Schlosser posted 2941 days ago

    Keith Schlosser

    Guess Hughes Back? See what I think about the comeback of Larry Hughes.

  • Shawn Diebold posted 2947 days ago

    Shawn Diebold


  • Barnavicious X posted 2947 days ago

    Barnavicious X

    A Raider Tribute to San Diego...

  • JW Nix posted 2953 days ago

    JW Nix

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