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I'm a life-long writer with a passion for sports, music, and comics. Favorites of each include the Utah Jazz, Fiona Apple, and Morning Glories. Expect scribbles about the first ones, and feel free to shout at me on twitter ( about anything else.

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  • Nick Donato posted 1817 days ago

    Nick Donato

    Little peice of should definitely find a new career path and hobby because not only are you just a dreadful writer, but a complete moron when it comes to college football and you should probably do a bit more research on your topics before you write about them and make yourself look bad instead of listening to some guy on the television and assume yourself to be an expert while assuming the guy on tv was. ..I see your labeled a" contributor" but the only thing you contribute is just more uneducated bias and a good laugh when I wanted to see what jerk off wrote this article and saw your picture. You look like one of those creepy 15 year old kids that sit in the dark by themselves and play magic the gathering card game, stick to that and World of Warcraft because sports aren'y your thing.

  • Chris Chris posted 1818 days ago

    Chris Chris

    Dear Joe, You clearly have no idea what you are talking about. I forgot Penn State was having a tough time recruiting. Forgive me for not seeing that we have the #1 QB and #1 TE coming to our school. That must have slipped your mind. You see right now i'm using sarcasm. Oh and were getting recruits from Florida, Alabama, and California. I'm not a geographer but i would quite call those regional recruits. Your a little late to the penn state hate party. It seems like you just started writing today. Good Try, you almost came off as a real writer. But do us all a favor and do research before your going to write your useless words. So good luck doing research next time pal.