Ryan Flieder

Ryan Flieder


I'm 24, and a student at Western Washington University. I'm studying to become a teacher... if that's relevant. I enjoy sports but stick primarily to football and baseball... I never found hockey to be very interesting, and the same goes for basketball as well.

I don't know what else to write here... honestly if you want to know what kind of person I am you're better off reading the articles.

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  • Christopher Ahwal posted 2581 days ago

    Christopher Ahwal

    do you have an emai address to send you a question
    concerning the 10 am start time for west coast nfl teams.

  • michael holder posted 2610 days ago

    michael holder


  • michael holder posted 2610 days ago

    michael holder

  • michael holder posted 2610 days ago

    michael holder

    ryan wake up i can see why you only have 9 awards as compared to the other writers that have tons you suck

  • michael holder posted 2611 days ago

    michael holder

    oh ryan dosent like hockey go figure must have been in band in college...and western washington has a football team that should go to pittsburgh and learn to play football sissy

  • james harrison posted 2611 days ago

    james harrison

    why don't you go to Pittsburgh and say this to Mr Harrison's face

  • Caleb M. posted 2938 days ago

    Caleb M.

    Hi Ryan, was wondering if you could give me some feedback on my BCS bowl predictions:



  • Jason Flieder posted 2972 days ago

    Jason Flieder

    Hey man, It's official - you've been ripped off for the first time.


  • Jason Flieder posted 2976 days ago

    Jason Flieder

    Finally had time to write something:


  • Jason Flieder posted 3009 days ago

    Jason Flieder

    Dude, you have to read this, it's frickin' awesome.