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  • M MacDonald Hall posted 3459 days ago

    M MacDonald Hall

    Just wanted to say I enjoyed your RiM article and the comments it elicited. Myself and two other B/R writers just did a series on Gary Bettman and the reactions he has caused among fans. So far in my travels and years of hockey experience, I have found a grand total of one person - other than Bettman himself - who is willing to 100% defend all the Commissioner's decisions. It isn't even about blaming Bettman foe everything that has happened, but they should start owning up to some responsibility!

    Someone is in charge, right? And they can't take credit for all the good things and then spin the rest with PR.

    Anyway, take care and see you on the boards,


  • Alan Bass posted 3459 days ago

    Alan Bass

    lol thanks aaron. yeah that is me as the lead role in my school show, oklahoma. we just finished it. i feel deprived of br though, ive been on my senior trip since the weekend so i havent had any activity on here lol

  • Alan Bass posted 3475 days ago

    Alan Bass

    Thanks Aaron. And if you look at my facebook quiz, I do have a question "If the Flyers suddenly died, who would Alan's favorite team be?" And the answer? Of course, the Toronto Maple Leafs. That doesn't mean I necessarily cheer for them. But I would like to see them win. You can thank Dave and Jeff for that

  • Jennifer Hawkins posted 3479 days ago

    Jennifer Hawkins

    Hey Aaron -
    I don't know what it is about the Wings almost getting into the Stanley Cup Series that made me want to look you up, but I thought I would say hey and see how life was going for you. :) Life at CMU seems a lifetime away, eh? Hope all is well in your neck of the woods!

    I'm looking forward to a Wings/Pens series... what's your pick? Heh.


  • Alan Bass posted 3489 days ago

    Alan Bass

    holy crap aaron, u feeling okay?? lol thanks this is gonna be an intense series. either way, neither of us are gonna beat detroit anyway in the finals, but itll still be fun

  • Alan Bass posted 3501 days ago

    Alan Bass

    btw im glad to see that u took up on my invitation to join this site. ur gonna have a lot of fun writing on here i know i do. and ur a great writer so ull get a bunch of picks for article of the day, most from me probably haha. good luck